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    You can spam-kick solo Q teammates in the butt for the entire match. Gives one BP in the objective catagory.

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    Totem sniffer:

    (I'd choose a better name, but I like this one)

    Upon cleansing or blessing a totem, all other totems auras are revealed to you for period of 3/4/5 seconds. During which, highlighting a specific totem and clicking the active ability button cleanse or bless that totem instead.

    Cleansing and blessing times are increased by 20/15/10%.

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    Altruism pays dividends:

    Saving others fuels you with adrenaline.

    Upon completing 3 safe unhook rescues, the next time you lose a health state, automatically recover a health state after a period of 45/30/20 seconds.

  • TFS
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    Things need to be done, and nobody else wants to do them but you.

    For every time the killer is stunned by another player, gain 1 token up to a maximum of 4. For every token you get, you get a 3/4/5% boost to generator repair speed.

    If a survivour loses a health state or dies, lose 2 tokens.

    "Keep them busy, I've got something in the works."

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    Survivor perks:


    The more blockage you use, the more blockage you can create.

    After dropping 4/3/2 Pallets during Chase, this perk activates.

    Press and hold the Active Ability button for 4 seconds while standing beside a destroyed Pallet to reset it to its upright position.

    "Road closed."

    (Game time at the Game.)

    Thorn In Flesh

    Action always comes with karma.

    After repairing Generators for a total of 50%, Thorn In Flesh activates:

    • After repairing a Generator for at least 3 seconds, press the Active Ability button to install a Thorn trap, which stays active for 40/45/50 seconds.
    • The Aura of Trapped Generators is revealed in yellow to all Survivors.
    • When the Killer damages a Trapped Generator, the Trap activates, causing the Killer to suffer from a 10% Hindered Status Effect for 6/7/8 seconds.

    Thorn In Flesh deactivates after triggering successfully or if the timer runs out.

    "Mind your feet!"

    (This gen-kicking meta!)


    Killer perks:

    Hex: Ban-Boon-zle

    A Hex that grants blessing, from the Entity.

    You start the trial with 1/2/3 Tokens.

    Whenever a Totem would be blessed, the perk activates and a Token is consumed.

    Instead of a blessed Totem, the Totem becomes Hex: Ban-Boon-zle. Upon activation:

    • Hex: Ban-Boon-zle will be blocked by the Entity for 30 seconds.
    • The Survivor who completed the blessing action suffers from the Cursed Status Effects until Hex: Ban-Boon-zle is cleansed.
    • The Cursed Survivor can not perform blessing action.
    • The Aura of its Hex Totem is revealed to all Survivors within 24/20/16 meters.

    "A blessing that pulls them toward the inevitable."

    (I can name it something else but I really want this pun lol)


    Each Pallet you break means you know more about it.

    After breaking 4/3/2 Pallets, the next time you break a Pallet, The Entity will place a Mirage Pallet at the same location.

    A Mirage Pallet dropped by a Survivor will be destroyed immediately and not stun the Killer.

    "I have learned more than enough."

    (Yea this looks like the Freddy pallet, but who plays Freddy?)

  • Scythe629
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    I got three for ya. These are for a killer i came up with who was an opera singer, so they're show themed.

    • Reverb: If a survivor's aura is revealed, any other survivors within 10/15/20 meters of them have their auras revealed as well.
    • Hex - On with the Show: Gain a Haste effect of 2%/3%/4% for 5 seconds after breaking a pallet.
    • Lights Up: When blinded by a survivor, gain a token. Each token allows the killer's next Lunge Attack to have a 20%/40%/60% decrease in cooldown time

  • Zaika7182
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    Baseball bat takes an item slot, while holding RMB you go into a stance that lets you swing, if the killer is in the radius during the swing they are stunned for 3 seconds, after hitting the killer upper part of your bat is broken and it can be fixed with build to last one time before breaking completely.


    First we need to look at possible balance notes:

    You can't use it near hooks when someone is being carried.

    There should be a delay between entering a stance and swinging so the killer will have room for counterplay.

    You can't stay in stance for too long to avoid camping chokepoints.

    A sound cue plays when you start going into stance(a character inhales or smth like that).

    If there will be more than one baseball bat, the killer recieves stun resistance after first hit.

    This one may be a bit extreme but if bats will be too opressive we can give immunity to killers that carry survivors.

    Perks like enduring should also work on baseball bats.

    Baseball bats break or may as well exhaust you.

    Radius of the swing is around the radius of killers M1.

    After missing a swing you get out of stance


    Now the way we can implement it in the game:

    As a perk

    You can rummage a chest to get one baseball bat per trial, they disappear after trial.(Unless you implement them as a whole item)

    The perk should also give a small buff to the bat like removing scratch marks after stun for 2 seconds.

    And in order to save killers from swfs with 4 bats just add stun resistance after first hit as mentioned before.

    As an item with addons that can be chosen in lobby(Purple is a normal baseball bat, pink is covered in nails :D) Same way of countering swfs as mentioned before, they would also rarely spawn in chests and in that case perk can exist as well.

    Last one is to spawn 1 baseball bat in a random chest in every trial, they disapear as the trial ends but can be repaired with built to last.


    Item visuals:

    Just a normal wooden baseball bat, after repairing it will be covered in duct tape and nails.

    And maybe add some sort of skins for them like wooden plank or even crowbar :D


    Sorry for making it a bit messy as english is not my main language but I hope you got the idea, I think it will be fun and quite easy to balance if implemented.

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    Once the Exit Gates have been powered, Drowning Hope activates:

    When a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate Switch, you receive a Loud Noise Notification. The Exit Gate Switch will lose any partial Opening progress at a rate of -4%/-5%/-6% per second if not opened up fully. You get Loud Noise Notification only once per Exit Gate.

  • Selimpool
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    Once the Exit Gates have been powered, Drowning Hope activates:

    When a Survivor interacts with an Exit Gate Switch, you receive a Loud Noise Notification. The Exit Gate Switch will lose any partial Opening progress at a rate of -4%/-5%/-6% per second if not opened up fully. You get Loud Noise Notification only once per Exit Gate.

  • AlexHewitt
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    Requiem for Totem!

    When a Killer hangs Survivors a total of 3 times, the Benefactor Totem that has been lit all 3 times will be permanently locked and cannot be put out by the Killer.

  • Ivory_Partnaite
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    I Will Survive: By yourself some time to increase your odds of survival. Increases your personal luck by 1% while the perk is activated. While in the dying state, press E to deactivate the perk and pause your bleed out timer by 30/45/60 seconds.

  • Steakdabait
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    Exhaustion perk: increases action speed by 100% for 3 seconds gives you 20 sec of exhastion instead of 40

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    copying and pasting the perks i made up for my tomb raider chapter idea

    Survivor Perks:

    - SMARTER WITH KNOWLEDGE: You know your relics, and you learn how to adapt by studying them. Gain a Token every time you cleanse a Totem. For each token, increase the duration of all aura reading effects by 3/5/7 seconds.

    - ON YOUR OWN NOW: Usually you'd rather be a lone wolf. You're still willing to help your teammates out, and you'll even give them extra help if it means getting back to working alone. Whenever you perform a Killer Grasp Rescue, the rescued survivor breaks into a 150% sprint of their normal running speed for 2/3/4 seconds. Does not inflinct the Exhasuted status effect.

    - ICE QUEEN: You'll weep for the dead, but only when it'll be time to do so. For now, you're focused on surviving, and getting the rest of your team out of the trial. For every sacrificed or dead survivor, gain a token, up to a maximum of 1/2/3 tokens. Each time you're working on a generator, press the Active Ability button to consume a token and protect the generator from Exploding and Regressing in any way for 10 seconds.

    Killer Perks:

    - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: You always think one step ahead of your prey. Whenever a survivor heals another survivor from the dying state by any means, that survivor suffers from the Exposed status effect for 10/15/20 seconds.

    - HIDING IN THE RUINS: There's tactics to being a perfect ancient predator looking out from behind the temples. Whenever you're effected by Undetectable, you also make no sounds until you attack. The perk then enters a 40/30/20 seconds cooldown.

    - GUARDIAN OF THE DEAD: You have an affinity for everything that's bones. Whenever a totem gets cleansed or blessed, you see the progression intensity of all objectives that are being interacted with in the trial for 4/6/8 seconds. 

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    3 random Killer Perks.

    Fool's Gold

    "You know how to take advantage of and manipulate one of man's most deadliest vices: greed."

    At the start of the Trial, 1/2/3 chests will have their contents cursed by the Entity. The Aura of these trapped chests will be revealed to you in white within 32 meters of your location. The initial item found inside of the chest when it is opened will have its charges set to zero.

    Fool's Gold spawns 2 additional chests in the Trial.

    Hex: Ensnare

    "A ritual that cripples those who are allured by your tools."

    After a Survivor completes a bless or cleanse action on any Totem, if there is a Dull Totem remaining on the map, Hex: Ensnare activates. The Survivor who completed the action will scream, revealing their location for 4 seconds.

    The Survivor who performed the action is immediately afflicted with the Exhausted status effect for 60 seconds, and suffer a permanent movement speed penalty of 2%/3%/4%.

    All other Survivors will be afflicted with the Exhausted status for 30 seconds and suffer a movement speed penalty of 2%/3%/4%.

    Hex: False Hope

    "A ritual that instills false hope, hiding an ace up your sleeve."

    After a Survivor completes a bless action on any Totem, if there is a Dull Totem remaining on the map, Hex: False Hope activates.

    Any Survivor within the Boon Totem's radius has their action speed to healing, recovering, and repairing reduced by 10%/15%/20%. The penalty lingers for 5 seconds after leaving the Boon Totem's radius.

    The first time Hex: False Hope activates, it will remain hidden as a Dull Totem for 60 seconds.

  • Lochnload_exe
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    I did a killer concept and I thought my perks were pretty well done, but my favorite was this.

    Perfect Rig: Taking time to prepare your craft will be worth the reward.

    Start the game with 4/5/6 tokens. When any generator regresses for 10 seconds uninterrupted, the generator is highlighted yellow, and the perk is activated. Any survivor who interacts with the generator will cause it to lose 25% and use a token.