Forcefully kicked from match



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    I noticed after about a million disconnects from host that if I played on the same pc but on a different account the issue was resolved. I don't know how this is possible but it must be on behaviors end. This is terrible for me because I have spent a lot of money on my main account but I just can't play on it.

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    Yup, I created a new account just to see what would happen and have never been kicked from that account. My account that I get kicked from has years of progress and money put into it, so I would much prefer to be able to play on that one. Super weird that the error is only affecting select accounts and has nothing to do with internet connection.

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    My opinion is that I payed for this game and there is absolutely no reason why dc penalties should be anything more than 15 MINUTES. I hope the devs see this because 72 hours is just unreasonable and harsh especially with the money we spend on this game. The devs say that the penalty is a cool off period for rage quitters. Who is still pressed after 15 minutes?!

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    If it's true that it only affects certain accounts, that is absolutely wild. I would be devastated to lose progress and money -- I have 100% achievements, 5k+ hours, I achieved p3 prior to the prestige rework on every survivor... Yikes.

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    Yeah I mean if it is account related I would hope it's still something they are en route to fix. I've had the same issue on an alt account, but I'm on PS5 so even if I play with a different user account it's still using the PS+ subscription I pay for on my main account to enable online multiplayer.

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    Just ran into this issue twice yesterday over the course of maybe 2-3 hours. Hardwired PC with no internet issues that I'm aware of, playing from Colorado, USA.

    Ran into it while playing survivor just as I was unhooking my teammate. Progress bar for unhook showed up, but nothing happened and couldn't move until disconnect.

    Second time was while playing cannibal, I vaulted a window (don't think I had any vaulting perks) and same thing - froze immediately before the window and couldn't move until disconnect

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    I just wanted to share the following:

    • I created a new Steam account, turned on family-sharing, and played on a new account for a few days. The first day I didn't experience any issues, but the second day, I started disconnecting regularly again. So, sadly, a new account does not fix the issue.
    • I spoke with BHVR support again, and while they apologized that I felt "ignored" (because no one has acknowledged this thread, I guess? That was what they took from it), they had me go through a few troubleshooting steps I'd already tried, like allowing DBD through Windows firewall and changing my DNS settings.
    • When I responded that I'd already tried these steps, they apologized and told me that at this point I should contact Steam support. As we know, this is the same roundabout circle they've been stringing us on for months.

    To say that I'm disappointed is a gross understatement. Pointing the finger at Steam, who will in turn point the finger at BHVR, and not taking ownership of a pervasive problem across 30 unique users in this forum alone, is not acceptable.

    I don't know what else to do, or to say that hasn't already been done or said. I hope this issue gets fixed, and that we can enjoy the anniversary event without trouble.

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    Still happening on a regular basis.

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    yea same here i thought it was fixed for 2 days but im back to a 24 hour penalty. I still dont understand why there is a penalty in a game that does not have a rank system.

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    Adding my discontent to the pile here. I'm up to 6 hour timeout because of this crap. I had some DC issues a few months ago which I tracked down to a faulty wifi driver. I'm a networking guy by trade, so I know when it's hardware / internet / whatever. This is not on my end. I can't play more than 3-4 matches without the DC. I'm at a total loss, but I'm about to quit the game over it. It's not worth my time and frustration if BHVR can't give two shits about fixing it short of blaming the customer.

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    Continues to ruin games on a daily basis. Sick of this issue and sick of complaining about it with no acknowledgement from BHVR. They go on and on about listening to the community yet they don't acknowledge a thread on their bug reporting forum with over 100 comments. And I'm the type of person who usually plays devil's advocate for the devs when people are overly harsh in their criticisms. It's honestly so disappointing.

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    Still absolutely continuing to trash my games. I'm up to 15 minutes again after taking a long time off to try and reset. Tell me how I can play Diablo 4 for 8 hours straight with no connection issues on their garbage servers (sorry, Blizzard, you know it's true), but as soon as I log into DBD I get kicked multiple times?

    Hard to believe that between this thread and the multiple, MULTIPLE duplicate threads in the bug forum, BHVR still refuses to acknowledge this issue. It would be so simple to turn the DC penalty off while they investigated with the anniversary coming up, but no.

    I'm also frankly ready to quit the game over it. It's frankly not worth the frustration. When I do get to play, every single match is played like a comp game, or the killers are toxic af, and why am I sitting here waiting out my 15, 20, 30 minute bans just to get into miserable matches in the first place? Idk anymore, honestly.

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    So... I guess I quit then.

  • eisenbuns
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    UPDATE: With the new update, I am also getting "Disconnected: Dedicated server is not responding" + the disconnection penalty

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    It's a bit premature to say for sure, but I went into Windows 11 Antivirus settings, under App and browser control, then under Exploit protection, and added program settings for the DBD shipping .exe and the Easy Anti-Cheat .exe and turned off all of the 23 options listed, and haven't had any issues since the last big timeout.

    I don't know if the problem is fixed, but I hope this helps some of you. It seems pretty clear to me that something in DBD or EAC is conflicting with Windows security, which is why it's intermittent and only affecting some of us at best.

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    Since some of us may be receiving different error messages now, I started a thread specifically for the "Dedicated Server is not responding..." error. I'm going to try to make it difficult to ignore and upload a clip in the comments every time the error occurs.

    Linked here:

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    Another 30 min ban and the highest I received because of this issue was 48 hours… I’m so tired of it truthfully, idk how much longer I can keep playing this game while it’s doing this… it’s been almost 2 months…


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    Still no response from BHVR, but there is a new error message “Dedicated server is not responding disconnecting…”

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    Alright so I found a fix that worked for me.

    I got a unity crash error earlier today, once booting the game back up I started getting "Disconnected from host error" (Same as you all) I then continued to connect to the lobby, again and again, further giving me the same error as-well as "Dedicated server is not responding; disconnecting..." same as @chesnoodle mentioned they were getting.

    Nonetheless I began searching online for any solution. These are the steps that I did. (I do not know which one of these fixed the issue, since I did them all in one fail swoop.)

    1. Verified the integrity of Dead By Daylight's game files.
    2. Changed / added a new dns to my internet (cloudflare's DNS)
    3. Reset my internet via flushing in cmd prompt.

    Further explanation on the previous statement:

    1. win + r (Open command prompt)
    2. Type "ipconfig /flushdns" and press Enter.
    3. Type "ipconfig /registerdns" and press Enter.
    4. Type "ipconfig /release" and press Enter.
    5. Type "ipconfig /renew" and press Enter.
    6. Type "netsh winsock reset" and press Enter.
    7. Restart the computer.

    Continuation of the previous list:

    1. Opened Windows Defender Firewall With Advanced Security
    2. Clicked "Inbound Rules" In the top left
    3. Scrolled through until I found "Dead By Daylight"
    4. Double clicked "Dead By Daylight" Clicked "Programs and Services"
    5. Copied the program path. (Mine: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Dead by Daylight\DeadByDaylight.exe) (Probably not the same as yours)
    6. Click OK
    7. Click "New Rule..." (top right), Program, Paste the previously copied path, Allow the Connection, check all boxes, name: Dead By Daylight
    8. Go down to Outbound Rules (Top left)
    9. Go to "New Rule..." (top left)
    10. Click Program, paste previously mentioned program path, Allow the connection, Check all boxes, Name: Dead By Daylight.
    11. Press windows key and head to "Allow an App Through Windows Firewall"
    12. Scroll down until you find "Dead By Daylight", Check both "Private" and "Public" boxes.
    13. Scroll until you find "EasyAntiCheat Launcher", do the same as previously mentioned.
    14. Shut down your computer, Unplug your router, let it do it's thing for an hour or two. (I just took a nap cause I was stressed lol)
    15. Plug back in router, turn on pc, and hopefully your problem is solved!

    This is what worked for me, I hope that this will work for some of you aswell. I can make a youtube video on this process if it will clear up some confusion in my previously mentioned steps.

    I have been following this thread very closely ever since my friend got the same message (before I did). It is very saddening to see behavior ignore their community like this. I asked Content Creator Otzdarva to message some of the devs, hopefully that will make them provide a fix for this issue.


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    disconnect from today, 8pm EST, no connection errors from my end just randomly booted from the server and hit with a 5 minute penalty

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    Thank you for looking into this! I play on console so I will see which of these I am able to do and update when I can. We are currently posting any clips we have of the newer error message under this thread It seems since the anniversary event began the servers have been more unstable than usual with a lot more lag and dc’s so I have hope this will be addressed soon. This thread is now “Acknowledged” !!

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    I could literally cry <3 Thank you for everyone who has put so much effort into bringing this problem to the forefront.

  • eisenbuns
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    I just disconnected twice in a row and now have a 15 minute ban again. I'd love if we could turn off the DC penalty since this problem has been officially acknowledged by the team.

    To add insult to injury, this was my view when I DCed the first time. Literally bumping up against the exit and as it tried to validate me leaving, it disconnected instead.

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    I'm getting a different issue but it 'may' be the same though I made a separate thread. I honestly thought it was a DDos attack or something because that's what it felt like because the timing in all four cases was suspicious. Game would play normally then this sort of thing would happen. In two cases I had to force quit and all 4 I got a matchmaking penalty.

    Happy Anniversary indeed...

  • eisenbuns
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    It just happened again, for another 15 minute ban. The match had just started, I touched a gen, and immediately disconnected.

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    i play this game with my buddy i play on the seires s he is on the xbox one and we both have been kicked but i get the penalty luckily he hasnt gotten it yet and for me this started during the lunar event and i was thretened by support because i kept bringing up how unfair this is to all survivors and killers and i was told if i kept reporting on this glitch eaither i would be banned from this site or he would just have all my posts marked as seen. the fact that this is still going on is complete garbage (would say what i really feel but dont want to swear) i was directed to this post and yeah its defenantly seems like they dont care that this glitch is happining but if i may say im calling it that when texas chainsaw massacre comes out then i bet behavior will fix this problem

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    this is my first anniversary event and it’s been ruined for me by the constant dcs. I never had this problem on my xbox, but i switched to pc and im getting disconnect every other game. this isnt an issue with any other game and i’m sick of it

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    Hindsight is 20/20.

    Turns out the commonality was we were all playing DBD. When Singularity came out almost everyone was complaining on the steam forums about getting disconnected. Then BHVR took note and attempted to fix it. The disconnected killer would suddenly reconnect and seemingly teleport to a survivor they thought they were chasing, and end them unfairly. But now the DC problems seem to be fixed.

    I just wanted to update any future readers to this crazy DC happenings.

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    Still happening to me every day. Even if it isn’t me at least one other player is disconnected almost every single match.

  • chesnoodle
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    Their comment was posted a month before the singularity’s release. This has been happening since January for a lot of us and I can confirm it is still happening to me there has not been a fix yet.

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    Yo, Support finally reached out to me about the issue. Since neither me or anyone I know is struggling with this, I thought: Why not just put it in the forums again.

    If my previous fix didn't work for you, I hope this will work for you.

    Support said:

    Hello there,

    Hope you're doing well, my name's Daryl and I will be helping you today.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing connection issues and that you're getting disconnected from host, we understand how this might affect your experience while playing the game.


    First of all, let's try some troubleshooting steps that usually help fix some common crashes or performance issues. Please visit the article Crash and Error Code Master Fix Guide (PC) and go through the steps in the order they are presented there.

    Also, to help make sure your network is set up to properly connect to our services, please make sure you follow the steps in the article below in the order they appear: Network Troubleshooting


    In case none of the steps in both articles work for you, we would like to ask you for the following files:



    Click the Windows Start button, type Run and press Enter;

    In the pop-up window, type dxdiag and press Enter;

    The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will load. If there is a pop-up window asking about digital driver signing; click the answer for your machine;

    Click Save all information, then Save as;

    Click on Save (the file should be saved to your desktop as dxdiag.txt);

    Exit the DirectX Diagnostic tool;

    Attach this file to your next reply.


    System Information file

    Press Windows Key + R;

    Type MSInfo32 and press Enter. A window will be displayed;

    In the System Information window, click File;

    In the drop-down menu, click Save…, and a file destination window will be displayed;

    Select where you want to save the file. Pick a location where you can easily find the file, for example, your Desktop;

    Name the file MSInfo32 by typing into the file name field;

    Click Save. The export process begins and may take several minutes;

    Attach it to your ticket response. 


    Hope you're able to get back to us with this information!



    Of course this isn't applicable to console gamers, but I do actually have a fix for that too. It's very disheartening, but what worked for my friend is that they just bought a new router. Same brand, just different router. I have no idea why it fixed the problem, but it did.

    Hopefully my post can help a few more people, ^^


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    Didn't actually read what the email said before posting this, sorry lol.

    Just collect that information and send it to behavior with something like "Dead By Daylight crash, (error code), attached with following information" Hopefully with this information they will be able to further troubleshoot and get this problem solved.

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    Just for transparency, I was in the UK for a while and haven't been playing. Back in the US now and I just got hit with a 30 minute ban because I've DCed like 6 times in the last 24 hours :') It's not fixed.

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    I've had the same issues recently.

    Never had an internet issue in 450h of playing, never got disconnected, until earlier this month. Now in 3 weeks I've gotten disconnected something like 10 times.

    Sometimes I'll go 15 games without issues and sometimes 3 games in a row I get disconnected, until I disinstall and reinstall. Now it works again for a while, but next time I play I'll get disconnected again. It's all very irritating and I don't believe it comes from my internet as it has always been solid.

    Platform : PC - Steam

    Location : France (West EU servers ?)

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    same thing happening to me a couple times each time I play.

  • OrangeBear
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    This has been happening to me for a few days now. Getting randomly disconnected from matches... currently on a 25 minute DC penalty :(

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    It happen again, my internet was fine for most of my Ghostface Game and it crash on me for whatever reason.

  • eisenbuns
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    Very disheartening to say that this is still happening to me as well with associated DC penalties. It has driven me away from the game and it sucks to feel like I'd still like to play only to get forced out of matches and hit with a penalty so I can't play at all. Do better, BHVR.

  • OrangeBear
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    It's been happening to you since march? This is extremely discouraging.

  • OrangeBear
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    Oooh...! It might have finally been fixed?

    EDIT : Sadly it's not fixed.

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    The servers themselves have been outright crashing all day and I just had one where I personally DCed again with penalty, so no, it is not fixed. :(

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    So, I've been plagued by this issue for months. Contacted support, no response. Nothing anyone could offer or do fixed it.

    I've replaced:

    • all network cables
    • all network equipment (modem, router, wifi)
    • tried ethernet vs. wifi
    • tinkered with NCSI settings, wifi adapter configs, etc.
    • reinstalled windows
    • upgraded internet service tier
    • replaced ram sticks
    • updated all relevant drivers (5+ times)

    NOTHING. An occasional ping would turn up packet loss, but never while the game disconnected. Google meet and or teams (apps I use on the daily) would occasionally drop a call, but nothing overly suspicious or seemingly related. Nothing in the event logs (app, system, wifi, etc.) that corresponded to the disconnect times.

    Finally, today, despite being a 25+ year veteran of the PC scene, I got the bright (dumb!?) idea to disable XMP.

    Have not been kicked since, despite being kicked 4 times earlier in the day.

    Try turning down your RAM speed, if you're the tinkerer type that has it boosted. For my case specifically, there was no other outward indication that RAM could have been the issue, but it appears to have worked. I've played 10 games in a row with no stutter, no lag, and importantly, no disconnects.

  • OrangeBear
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    I am surprised replacing your router did not work i searched online a lot and that seemed like the only solution that worked.

    And i hate to be a downer but i feel like disabling XMP is not going to work because i do not have it enabled and also this issue happens on consoles where you can't change those things.

    Please keep us updated though.

  • trendyfartknocker
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    I suspect the cause is different for everyone, but I felt it was worth sharing my case for others.

    Playing fine this morning, still no issue. Even the intermittent stutter typical of DBD is completely gone.

    Could very well be that DBD code is just not resilient to errors, and the errors in my case specifically manifested due to XMP issues, but may be from other sources on other devices. Hard to say for sure.

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    Idk what's up but the last 3 days I've had a few disconnects. Was fine prior. No penalty given. However tonight it has been especially bad. Laggy matches where I'm teleported a good ways back from where I had ran. Another disconnect just now, and 1 earlier.