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  • Had the same experience last night and already had survivors abusing it by bringing the map offering and Balanced Landing. Sounds like they need to killswitch this map, because I ended up having to bleed out 3 of the survivors that kept abusing the staircase to catwalk loop.
  • Makes sense. I didn't really think about that, honestly. I don't run a lot of gen kick perks as killer so I rarely bring Nowhere to Hide in my builds. Most of my regression comes from either Surge or Pain Res.
  • Some of my favorite games are when me and my friends all bring chest looting builds and just drop 20 items in the basement. Some of the killers seem so happy with all of their gifts! Especially when it's a Wraith bing-bonging while staring down at the items. 😂
  • Survivors: "omg I hate mending" Also survivors: "I'm going to bodyblock you and force you to hit me while I have BT so that I can run away and mend."
  • Imagine expecting 60 FPS for console 2+ years after they said it was coming soon lol *stares at myself sadly*
  • Spirit would be more fun for me if 3/4 survivors didn't run Iron Will every time I play as her. It feels like I only encounter IW about once every 2 or 3 matches with other killers, then I play Spirit and BAM, every survivor has IW. Completely anecdotal and probably not even close to true, that's just what it feels like. 😂
  • I burned 4 wards in a row one time because my friends were threatening to send us to RPD. On the fifth match I didn't play a ward, but they didn't play a map offering. On the sixth match they thought I had forgotten, and tried to play RPD, but I blocked it with a ward. lmao
  • I don't see the problem with hiding DH until 5 stacks. You got five separate hooks and didn't camp any of them. In high MMR, that's an accomplishment in and of itself. It should be rewarded, and should not be revealed by special attacks.
  • Another favorite of mine. 😂 Wraith and Legion are my "lol killer go brrrr" killers. Getting salt from survivors after is just a big fat cherry on top.
  • You're really complaining about the recently nerfed Wraith? Really? Then again, I'm not surprised. I had 2 survivors message me (PS4) and complain when I got a 3k with a meme build. I had no gen regression and no tracking. I ran double action speed while cloaked addons with Brutal Strength, Bamboozle, Iron Maiden, and Fire…
  • You'll most likely never land on top of a survivor any more, considering they have an audio queue now. If you're on top of them, they move. If they hear you from one direction, they move the opposite. etc. If you're easily losing survivors while phasing, Stridor is your best friend. Not only are injured grunts louder (and…
  • Bye, have a beautiful time!
  • Any Legion build is a fun build for me. I currently like the purple knife addon and the mangled pin addon with Corrupt, Thanataphobia, Dying Light, and BBQ. Basically a "you're gonna do everything slower all game" build. It sounds effective, but due to Legion's super OP power than can't actually down anyone without two…
  • I had a game as Clown a few months back where all four survivors had a full meme Head On build. Needless to say, I didn't realize how many lockers were in the Saloon map until this game. I would get hit with HO, slowly turn to the survivor that stunned me, they'd give a cheeky teabag, and the chase would continue. I got no…
  • Literally just sent this to my buddy the other day. "I've really been enjoying Legion lately, but I want to play the Artist more. I think it's because when I play Legion I don't even expect to win, but I usually do. But if I lose I don't get irritated because, well, I'm playing Legion. lol" stabby boi go brrrr
  • You can have blindness immunity by doing one simple thing. Look up.
  • He also has pretty specific notes for each game. He always details how often he survived vs his teammates, if someone sacrificed themselves to make a save, if killer willingly gave hatch, etc. I'm sure the solo games have a slightly higher kill rate, but I'd have to dig through the whole 1k games and specifically look for…
  • *insert "first time?" meme here*
  • Gotcha. I wasn't aware that was a bug at the moment. Thanks!
  • It absolutely does. Source: I blessed a totem when a Spirit was phasing towards me. She finished phasing the exact second I finished blessing, and she downed me just as the exposed and HG notifications popped up. 🥲
  • Well he doesn't use the forums, or he'd probably post it himself. I'm not claiming it as my data, personally. Just giving an idea on how killers and survivors perform with the MMR system. Since BHVR doesn't like to give data except for MAYBE once per year, I figured I'd do a small public service of providing accurate…
  • Maybe I'll try reinstalling while I sleep tonight. At least I'll have a chance at finishing the half of the tome I currently can't complete.
  • ^also, this is with a decent internet connection. I'm not on fiber or anything, but I've never had lag issues in my games and typically have a 40-50 ping.
  • I'd be more willing to reinstall if it didn't take me 45 minutes just to install an update. Who knows how long re-downloading the entire game will take?
  • Well I'm glad you've suffered through a few killer bugs. I haven't even had the opportunity to try.
  • If only PS4 players could actually complete the full event tome. That's too much to ask, I suppose. lol
  • Update: still can't play killer tonight :)
  • You act like 5 minutes is a lifetime. I've DCd because of hackers multiple times. Never been banned, considering there's a BIG difference between a ban and a 5 minute timeout. You get out of here. lol
  • Also, a penalty is far different from a BAN. OP was concerned about being banned, which wouldn't happen with one single DC.
  • So, as I stated before, they could have DCd. Even if DC penalties WERE active, God forbid someone get a 5 minute ban for a hacker that they've encountered exactly one time.
  • DC penalties have been disabled for at least 60 hours. Try again.
  • For future reference, BHVR doesn't ban people for DCing, or even quitting a game from the pause screen. Not sure where you got that info, but it's 100% false.
  • Now I've attempted playing killer with no tome challenge selected. It keeps kicking me back into a pre-load lobby saying "disconnection from host." Excuse me? I'm the killer. I AM the host! I'm not disconnected from my own internet. But as soon as I put on a challenge and equip add-ons and an offering, I'm suddenly loading…
  • Edit: I'm on PS4 Last night I had the loading bug once in 3 killer matches and 6 survivor matches. Today I've tried to play 3 killer matches and got the bug all 3 times. I love loading up this game to not play it. 🙃
  • The only killer I've used Brutal on regularly is Clown. I'd say Brutal is definitely better than Enduring on him because his counterplay is pre-dropping pallets. Good survivors won't try to get that extra loop when they know they can drop the pallet and run to the next loop.
  • Killer: 3k or 4k Survivor: 4 WGLF stacks Gotta get them STONKS
  • I don't leave the match. I just make it very obvious as soon as possible that I have no intention to play and hope the survivors farm with me. If they don't, cool, I'll just walk away and let them play gen simulator. If they want to farm, I let them all escape. At least I get points and don't have to attempt reaply playing…
  • I run into this every so often as Killer. Especially in games where I can tell it isn't a full four man swf. Someone is dead on hook and hops in a locker when they hear the terror radius/Spine Chill activates. Solo teammate runs to the locker and points. Usually I'll just stare back and forth between the locker and…
  • It has nothing to do with my experience with the RE games. It has everything to do with a two story map, narrow hallways where it is impossible to escape, a map layout that doesn't require skill from the killer OR survivors, gens that are spread over 100m away from each other on separate stories, corridors that make those…
  • As I stated in my initial post, I tried for months to try to like this map. The aesthetic is amazing. The graphics are wonderful. The gameplay is absolute dog #########.
  • I wanted to clarify that my internet connection is and always has been fine. I played with a streamer in solo queue once, pulled up their stream after the DC, and confirmed that the trial was still ongoing.
  • You obviously don't play survivor at a high level. If you allow yourself to get looped around a pallet so hard that a survivor can fast vault 10 times across the same pallet, that's your own fault. Break the pallet and move on. If you're talking about survivors that chain loops together and use different windows to prevent…
  • I usually do it to give the killer two free hits (point tech insures escape). If I get extra WGLF stacks for protection hits for my teammates who are also at the gate, that's just a bonus.
  • Breakout Mettle of Man We're Gonna Live Forever 4th perk (I usually run Dead Hard, but I'll use self care if I don't have the right medkit) Yellow medkit with green charge and yellow charge+speed add-ons. Get MoM to proc. Throw the game if you have to. 4 WGLF stacks and a MoM proc is an automatic survivor win. They just…
  • Depends on the match. If my teammates have been on gens all game but are bad in chase, I feel confident enough in myself to run and find the killer and go on a decent chase while the other survivor is (hopefully) doing a gen or two. If my teammates are total potatoes but I have already had one or two good chases, I start…
  • Personally, when I play killer, the person that WANTS my attention doesn't get it. Clicking, vaulting in the distance over and over, teabagging, etc. That's time they're spending not on a gen, which means I don't need to worry about them. Maybe act like a baby survivor. "Hide" in a spot where they'll definitely see you,…
  • Good idea, in my opinion. Not sure how they would determine which perks would be available or not. If they used the most used killer/survivor perks, there goes BHVR's money from Bubba, Hag, Laurie, etc. If they used mid tier perks like lesser used exhaustion perks, Detective's Hunch, Sloppy Butcher, etc. then they feel…
  • I guess you missed the "B" in LGBTQ. Just because someone is in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex does not mean they are heterosexual.
  • Tbh, I was kind of under the impression that, at least, Meg, Claudette, Zarina, Nea, Ace, Felix, and maybe even Dwight fell somewhere on the spectrum. My main survivor characters are Ace, Dwight, Claudette, Jake, and Adam, in that order. I am a straight male. The characters' sexuality, or perception thereof, has never…