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  • I think iridescent add-ons should be the best add-ons instead of a combination between purple, green and yellow. Some killers even have yellow and brown. They should figure out what the strongest effect is and link it to rarity. Iridescent add-ons are more meme add-ons with huge downsides
  • Back to Pain Res + Pop I guess.
  • There should be some killer instinct revealing the survivors after not getting X amount of objective/altruism points in X amount of time when there are 2 survivors left. Sometimes I just start watching a video and give up. There's nothing more boring than 2 survivors not doing anything in a clearly won game
  • Offerings need a big overhaul anyways. Killers have an offering to make all survivors spawn seperately (Should be a Survivor offering) Survivors have an offering to spawn all together (Should be a Killer offering) Offering to spawn as far away from the Killer as possible is more a downside, as the Killer will always cross…
    in map offerings Comment by Nick June 8
  • Unless you're trapper. You can just put someone on a hook downstairs, and trap all around. GG
  • Pickrate, that's the reason. Pickrate. Ridiculous
  • Wait you're telling me to watch people on Twitch and Youtube to learn how to play? Bro I have like 16.000 hours on DBD I don't need any tutorials. You're completely missing the point. People hate to get camped, tunneled, or to play against Pain Res + Pop every game. Yet those strategies and perks are needed if you want…
  • Not blaming nerfed perks at all. I was talking about the game at base. Regression is 4x slower than progression. When you kick a generator it regresses at 25% repair speed. Meaning every 4 seconds you regress, a single survivor can undo it in 1 second. You can hook everyone 2 times, and still they repair generators as fast…
  • Points? You mean bloodpoints? What kind of reward is that, I'm always sitting at the cap I don't want bloodpoints. I want play well and win
  • There is no reward for hooking people. People who are on death hook repair generators as fast as people who haven't been hooked. If you want to get rewarded for hooking survivors you have to bring Pain Resonance or Pop. They have extremely boring effects but you are forced to bring them because your regression at base is…
  • They were there early. Got the big licenses and creates a big religious loyal following, who are ready to defend DBD more than their homecountry
  • I actually realised it when I was trying to introduce a friend to the game the other day. I have nearly 16k hours and during our first time playing together and explaining everything I was like... damn... this must boring as hell for him. There are so many things not-new-player-friendly. Even simple things like perks…
  • Thats why you should never trust the week-one "OP" bandwagon. People learn and overcome.
  • The survivors objective is much faster than yours. There is no reward for hooking, unless you use Pain Res or Pop. You should be rewarded for getting downs. No one likes bringing gen defence, since the effect is quite boring. But its necessary if you want consistent results, especially when going for many chases and…
  • It has nothing to do with her being OP, as she isn't. Old Legion also wasnt OP but still very much disliked. Downing you with only frenzy hits after a few stabs. Skullmerchant has many problems in her kit when playing against her. As a Survivor you can't get rid of stacks, once you're on that 2nd stack you can just get…
  • Nurse and stack 4 gen defence I'd say
  • Hallway shift W meta 😱😱😱😱😱
  • The only reason why I don't like SoloQ is because of my teammates. You can't buff people being bad at the game, or having no backbone. First down they just immediately give up. Sometimes the progression doesn't even matter, 3 other survivors splitting on gens, they still go next. I don't understand what they want. Just ban…
  • I agree, also perks like Call of Brine and Overcharge have remained in their hard nerfed version even after the introduction of the 8x kick limit. Like what does Call of Brine do again? Makes the generator regress at 125% speed instead of 100%? So 25% faster for 60 seconds? And survivor repair at 400% regression speed.…
  • Freddy, Ghostface, Trapper, and Myers if you dont count the Tombstone piece
  • They could just add an icon in the HUD. Also there being no difference between cleansing a dull, cleansing a Hex, booning a dull or booning a Hex. Is quite annoying
  • Same with others perks. Like a locker showing in yellow when you are in there with Head-On ready. Just small tweaks for solo q. Also people sprinting away when I have botany or 5 stacks of autodidact is quite annoying. What would be perfect is to just show everyones perks in the loading screen. The mobile version has…
  • What are rank 1 players? Players who completed their Grade rewards for that month?
  • "Fixing" the "bug" where Freddy could place snares through walls. Such an unnecessary fix
  • I'd always use Corrupt on low tier killers. Sadly slowdown is necessary if you want to have somewhat of a chance against decent teams. Its a shame because they dont do anything other than regressing generators, which is a quite boring effect. Pain Resonance and Pop are the only useful ones. You could argue Surge since…
  • Jolt only works with m1 killers, who are very weak themselves already. It is horrible on big maps, only decent on indoor maps. Also speedruns you to that 8x regression event cap. For Pentimento people have to cleanse totems…. which good players don't. Plaything is the obvious pick but good players will know you most likely…
  • It still baffles me mobile has all these cool features the main game doesn't even have. Being able to see your teammates perks before the match starts is so big? And also this match history system with all these stats. Wow.
  • Pain Res + Pop are actually excellent perks which reward you for getting downs. No other perk does that. Tunneling is the only other slowndown which does more than those 2 perks. But as long as you keep 4 survivors alive, they will all repair gens as fast as if you haven't hooked them yet. They can be on 2nd hook but have…
  • Fun is subjective and I love getting tunneled tbh. I usually run heavy chase builds and nothing feels better than kiting the Killer all game ending up being the main reason he lost that game. You know whats an "cheap ez win strategy" in my opinion? Early shift W to god pallets pre-dropping them instantly. No brain usage,…
  • Nothing wrong with a bit of venting, sure. But theres no reason to make yourself so angry because your opponent is doing their objective and youre doing side objectives (tomb challenges), putting yourself at a disadvantage. You shouldnt expect to have a good game when putting yourself at a disadvantage. No reason to blame…
  • Losing and getting relentlessy tbagged at because you were playing a weak killer / weak perks and had no chance from the start is also not fun. But survivors are just doing their objective so you cant blame them, right? So why are killers getting blamed for doing their objective (killing people). Double standards.
  • I still fail to see how someone having a challenge selected should force the opponent to play a certain way just to make completing the challenge easier. Seems like OP has a problem with the core gameplay instead of the actual challenges part.
  • One of the problems created by the hatch mechanic. Which creates more problems than it solves.
  • REMINDER: Dead by Daylight is a 4v1, you're not supposed to be able to counter or run a Killer for 5 minutes (game will be over by that point). But you can optimize time waste, to allow your teammates to do as much of the objective as possible. Also keep in mind you're playing against the STRONGEST Killer. (Out of a 35…
  • Well it's a Tomb >challenge< right? You just selecting the challenge shouldn't give you a free win? The Killer's objective is to KILL. You have to SURVIVE as a SURVIVOR. That's just the core gameplay we are talking about now. The Killer Kills, the Survivor has to Survive. No challenge should give you immunity or force the…
  • Well just because you have a challenge selected that shouldn't give you an immunity shield vs the Killer doing his objective (Killing). That's DBD, the Killer has to Kill. Survivors have to Survive. Challenges are a side objective you can select, but if you don't like the main gameplay then that's a different problem.
  • If you're playing for Tomb challenges why are you getting annoyed at not winning? You want to get wins AND go for Tomb challenges at the same time? If you want to do well and win consistently you shouldnt be doing any tomb challenges. Put on an exhaustion, anti tunnel (DS or OTR) or maybe in your case even both and maybe a…
  • Nice, bump it up to the suggestions page. I think no one will be against this idea
  • Any killer with 115% movement speed (4.6m/s) you will do well with at low mmr. Low mmr survivors are extremely bad, dont use any resources, but just run forward. You only have to follow them
  • Did you post a survey somewhere? How did you come to this conclusion? The reason why I dislike solo q is because people instantly give up 1 in every 3 or 4 games. This is also what I read on the forums and hear from my friends. Why would you be annoyed as killer when people give up? I love it when they do that, thanks for…
  • Making him 110 will only hurt new Blights though. As good Blights only really use power to traverse the map anyways.
    in Blight Comment by Nick May 5
  • You didnt read the post. OP already said this and this guy replied to that. You're just repeating it?
  • I respect you for trying to learn and ask for tips instead of jumping on the "This killer is OP" train I usually see.
  • It's a 4v1, and you're playing solo q with people who can just give up at any moment, you're not on comms nor are you playing with good players all the time. I'd say 30% is very high?
  • Put on Decisive Strike or Off the Record, or both. Or even add Dead Hard if you struggle. If you struggle taking chase (I take that from you complaining about someone going for you all the time) you should give yourself a bit of help.
  • Yeah it was sarcasm, but there's a reason they show weird stats like that though. They're meaningless but the casual majority use them in arguments.
  • This is super subjective though, I mean every single killer will be hated by atleast one person. What could help is you changing your mindset. Instead of "I keep dying this is unfair" try to play for different results. Try to optimize time waste for the killer. I've been doing this and it has been lots of fun. You won't…
  • No it just sounds better
  • His killrate is 60% though, that's what the developers aim for. So he's fine.
  • But developers called it "not participating in normal gameplay" in one of their patchnotes. I'd say they get to decide what's normal gameplay or not, right?