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  • I've checked the family sharing and indeed my brother was also having family shared enabled and was using the dbd from my library before he decided that he liked to purchase it. although after he bought the game (about a year ago) he had access to only the default characters and slowly built up his dlc packs until he gave…
  • I had my 1st infinite loding (into the game after the offerings were consumed and the loading bar fully finished) today (after the fix patch that did not resolve the infinite) crossplay on, new character in the lobby, I was killer (huntress), platform PC/
  • it seems that it has something to do with 2 or more accounts playing on the same computer, after I saw your post I checked my brother's account, he is not playing dbd anymore but his account is still here and he used to play on my computer. he had like 4 dlcs if I can recall correctly, but after logging into his account…
  • was the killer a pig with the video tape addon? if that was the case please upvote and post your image in the other post about the video tape addon bug.
  • happened to a friend of mine yesterday in a match, I knew he had adrenaline since he told me and I double checked after the match in the score screen, he was on the hook, last gen popped, I opened the gate and went to rescue him. he came down injured without adrenaline activating.
  • today I had nearly 20 games with 2 infinite loadings, I had almost 0 on 100s before the latest patch.
  • this bug happened to me twice and both times I had the game menu opened to see the offerings, did you use the escape key to enter the game menu during this game?
  • here is what it costs in the store
  • I had the same issue with the tutorial, fixed it on my own by using a vpn to play the tutorial. I know it might sound stoopid, but I had lots of issues before with DBD that resolved themselves whenever I was on a VPN so I did my tutorials on VPN too and had no issue after that.
  • happened to me too, almost every blight game I have ever since update 5.0.0 and continues to happen in patch 5.0.1 randomly and I can't say for sure for what reason, sometimes even tho I have the full power I just cannot use it untill I swing first as the blight on PC any map any game.
  • this bug has happened to me too, so many times since 5.0.0 and if I recall correctly it was fixed for a while (server side issue?) and now is back with the 5.0.1 patch. I had several games with pip but the in-game rank was not updated. I logged out and logged back in the game then the rank was properly adjusted and shown.
  • I had one zombie stuck exactly there today, just kill it and get its point/power when you see one stuck nearby (if you can afford the time)
  • seems like the palettes have learned belly dancing with the 5.0.0 update.
  • pip system for sure is crewed up with the 5.0.0 update, and it seems the way it works is completely different for each player, while we are at the subject, here is how the new system awards me:
    in Pips bugged Comment by pejii June 2021
  • the new skill based matchmaking was way better than the other MMR we had last time, both as killer and survivor my matches got to a point that even solo games were fun. still could be better on some killers but the skill based matchmaking wasn't around enough to test all the killers.
    in MMR opinions. Comment by pejii June 2021
  • so I have finally fixed my issue but it had nothing to do with the game nor patches. I just have a bit complex network and proxy settings I was using caused the game (and somewhat steam) to get my IP from a Japanese proxy server instead of the direct connection. I made a proxy rule and ensured that DBD and Steam are…
  • I'm a bit desperate to find a solution to my problem before the next event starts as I will be unable to play a game with this high pings I keep getting (more and more every day) So I went and did some research (I have a bit of understanding about networking) got my hand on tcpview and wireshark and started digging, my…
  • I'm certain its not time related since 1- there is no server in my region and 2 my friends are online and playing just fine (they are EU based mostly and all play at Frankfurt servers) as I have mentioned earlier, if I invite them to my lobby we all get put into Asian servers (250~350+ms for all of us) if they invite me we…
  • I don't believe my issue has anything to do with the time of the day since for one there is no server in my region and I used to only get connected to Frankfurt servers and the other reason I'm certain its not the time is that my friends that are EU based are already playing on the Frankfurt server with ease, its just that…
  • we need no zombies, they have no place in this game. just remove them completely! they are just a bunch of lazy route blockers.
  • so an update to my issue, from time to time this bug still happens and today (the entire day) I had to go against this here is where it gets funny, if someone (a friend) from germany or another EU country invites me to their lobby, I get connected to EU servers with no issue and green ping, but if I solo queue I get…
  • is there a setting we can modify in the config file or will be added to the game to stop the game from connecting us to the servers that are not close to our region? region selection or maybe max ping settings?
  • I can confirm that something is wrong with the new wraith, I couldn't get a single surprise attack today after few attempts, even tried with the purple de-cloak addon and still couldn't get surprise attacks unless I had someone cornered. 4 matches to finish a single daily. meh.
  • I can confirm that this bug is in the game (started with the 4.6.0 update) I have played few killer rounds today after the update and any palette drop that could result in a hit (camping the palette or greedy and late drop of the palette) was giving me a hit without the stun, lung or normal attacks.
  • also his chases take too long to end unless you go as m1 killer. I think thats why his chaser emblem is allways low, couldn't get a merciless on him after 25 games all because of the chaser emblem.
  • the modified UI is still terrible, so much color (distraction) bad placement (top to bottom) and still too much spacing just remake the old one like boosted dwight posted here in this topic, its way better altho I would like the hook counter to be behind (left) of the gen counts or just removed completely, it doesn't give…
  • Puccho its not the IP nor ID, its just that at the time she can easily get survivor lobbies it means that there are a lot of killers waiting in line and matchmaking system can easily give survivors lobbies, so as there are many killers waiting, if she wants to play a killer she has to go at the end of the line and wait a…
  • I had like 10 survivor games today, all of them had the same issue, its like the killer's spot is not shown properly to the survivor because I went to play killer afterward and aside from the odd camera angle on all killers (FoV seems wrong on all killers since update) everything else was almost looking normal (hitwise) to…
  • the new hook count is there simply because fixing the game bugs and issues were too hard so they decided to add a useless new icon.
  • if you play too much DBD, you get the entire 1k shards back if you finish the rift before it closes plus every prime prize, I only bought the rift on the 1st rift and keep renewing it with the shards that I get back from the old rift.
  • great question, here is my take and hates about the new UI: 1- I hate the colors in the new UI, its too distracting. the gray/white solid color UI was just perfect. 2- the location of information is terrible: 2A- the killer power/item charges is too far to the left and down, I have to look way off the screen for the info…
  • just found a purple medkit from a chest today, no addon and it 99%ed my health on the 2nd state. no missed skill checks.
  • as a killer I have pulled a ton of survivors out of that hole and looking at it, seems to me that this is exactly the spot that a hook is supposed/can spawn. if the hook doesn't spawn instead that invisible hole will be there in its place.
  • I'm also experiencing something like 20~30ms more latency in the lobby and slightly laggier game ever since crossplay and I'm sure its not from my net. hasn't made the game unplayable though if it could be resolved it will be much more fun.
  • well survivors ain't using that much of aura readin abilities anyway, mostly rather run proove thyselves and gen rush the game, so its mostly affects killers.
  • if you change a character in the lobby, offerings will be ignored and perks won't show post-game (its a reported bug)
  • sounds like a packet loss issue, if you can monitor your internet while playing the game ans see if you are loosing packets or getting heavy jitters in the ping.
  • don't know about the huntress perk issue, but the perk not showing was reported a while ago, if you (or anyone) changes character in the lobby, the perks won't show post game and your offering also will be ignored and not thrown in when the map is being made (start of the match-offering screen/animation)
  • make a video of the issue, its not visible from the image.
  • seems like the same bug that happens to pyramid head, the ability is cancelled by the stun but the speed penalty will stay since the animation has no end to return the killer to the original speed.
  • I had the same issue at least twice ever since the last update, don't know yet what is the reason or how to reproduce it. PC platform two different survivors
  • platform:pc update:latest how to reproduce the bug: pick a killer (or a survivor) start looking for a game, after match starts change the killer/survivor skin/char I think I just had the same bug happening to me today, here is what I was doing/what happened: I had a game today, while waiting for lobby I was spending my…
  • just had few rounds of huntress and each round I was ending up with under 1k deviousness with 3~4 kills and tons of successful throws of different charges. can confirm that huntress bonus from hatchet hits are bugged with the patch.
  • I hope they did account for the 0.5~1 second delay of the dedicated servers in most regions, otherwise the new doctor wont be playable by a lot of us as it is the case with hag, ghost face and the shape. time to learn to throw dem hatchetes, huntress seems to be the only killer that is good with dedicated servers this…
  • so, when will this "TESTS" be finished on poor PC users? can't you go and bother some of those console players now? events and bloodhunt are over and I barely made one third of the bloodpoint I usually make in this days thanks to the dedicated servers and unplayable game.
  • lets sum it up (my experience): as a survivor, it was meh. as killer the dedicated servers were terrible.
  • this morning I gave up on playing as killer, waited like 45 minutes, found 5 matches that got stock on loading into lobby just to give me NAT error, found one match that didn't go very good as two players disconnected, then waited another 30 minutes for 2 matches that got NAT error again and then gave up searching for a…
  • last night I had long waiting time for lobbies as killer and 4 out of 5 lobbies that I would find would stuck in loading page into the lobby, then after a long loading screen the NAT error and back to searching for another lobby. one of my games that finally got started, I wasn't able to do much in the game and after the…
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