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  • I'm bringing back blendette as well its been pretty fun
  • I've noticed that alot of killers don't take pity hooks i feel like its a sense of pride. I find it kind of weird because I almost never see a survivor refuse hatch I does happen bit it's rare.
  • SB,OTR,Windows and the last perk is a toss up.
  • Playing him on controller is kinda of a pain. Trying to move your camera fast enough to hit survivors can be a real chore there's even times where you can't move it fast enough to track them.
  • There was a Trapper with agitation and iron grasp and unnerving, and an artist with corrupt,pr,dms,and bbq. Those are the only to I remember.
  • The biggest problem with the killer(imo) is giving the survivors control of his power without a huge downside. The game is balanced around the killer having a power so if your going to take that away either the killer needs to get buffs during that phase or it has to be a big trade off. It's been a running trend with alot…
  • They changed nurses cooldown because it was so jarring that it caused people to have motion sickness and people still complain about it. What made then think adding it to all killers was a good idea?
  • I think because it's harder to notices because the killer is already faster then the survivor
  • Imo is mainly because he has a decent amount of good addons that get ran so when the devs look at the data no addon really sticks out as been over used there for there is no problematic addons. Again this is just my opinion.
  • It's going be removed "Holding a Cursed Tape no longer passively builds Condemned."
  • Not really even if she teleports 7 times that's only 5.25 and if they are holding a tape then they aren't gaining stacks from her teleporting "Projecting to a TV now applies ¾ of a stack of Condemned to all Survivors not carrying a Cursed Tape (was 1 stack to nearby Survivors)." So you can't teleport and 7 time and find a…
  • One of the biggest reasons is they balance both roles differently. They seem to want to balance survivor for the casual level but then turn around and balance killer for the higher level of players. This makes it so the casual killer experience is just terrible. Killers are expected to know how to run every tile correctly…
  • What happens when all 4 are clustered on one side of the map?
  • OTR gives you 0 sound and blocks auras for 80 seconds and extends bt for 80 seconds as well meaning the kill can't just wait it out. Is pretty strong and I see it frequently and use it all the time.
  • And red forest was the worst map and they somehow messed that up and made it worse. Plus borgo and joy are horrible maps. There track record isn't good lately and wouldn't be surprised if they somehow make the maps worse
  • Thanks for the codes and the pic
  • Alot of the new maps and reworked ones have bad hitboxes and have added alot of extra bs so yeah
  • Your pretty confident they won't f those up look at there recent maps and reworks.
  • So you didn't want to play against good killers or average killers so it sounds like you want to be able to play aginst baby killers you can destroy. Of course the average killer is camping and tunneling they removed any good regression so your average player is going to have to do something to make pressure. Remember dbd…
  • This would just make people play even more scummy. There has been quite a few time I've seen cakes and decided to let everyone live. On the survivor side you would get people sandbagging you just so you get less points.
  • The problem is the game have very limited mechanics and to do something unique most often then not either breaks the game(nurse) or has to be overly weak or they will break the the game I think knight is a good example not in how he's played but how he was intended to be played.
  • I've had plenty of matches with 2 tokens left. Also head gens pop right before I've gotten the hook making me waste the PR because I've already committed to that hook and can't get to a different one before they wiggle off.
  • You can only do up to a 90 flick right. I'm also on console and I do like oni I just cant seem to hit flicks. I play all but ranged killers on 100% sensitively.
  • I made a post well really a rant about bhvr removing fun from the game. With the new maps and reworks it's made playing sniper huntress less viable on more maps, the removal of space Billy stuff like that. We need stuff that is different idk about you but I would rather try to play for cross maps and cool shot over hitting…
  • I've also used it and I've found it quite meh. The chances of you getting the full 100% or even 75% is really low. The rng can really screw you with both hook spawns and finding a fresh survivors.I would say it's a low b high c. It's a good complimentary perk. Imo it's not really worth the scourge title anymore.
  • My while point is that they nerfed self healing now imagine if in that same patch they also buffed anti heal. That's pretty much what they did with regression not to mention the last 3 chapters have had some kind of gen speed up perk. It's not a one to one example but it's sounds pretty dumb to nerf self healing but buff…
  • Think of it this way what if the threw a number change on an anti heal perk this up date
  • You said your killer matches have been with weaker survivors on my side I've seen a higher level of survivors. I've had more p100 survivors around the last month like alot more. Survivor matches are still a coin flip sometimes I have god level teammates and sometime they have gen allergies or can't last 15 seconds in chase…
  • It sounds like your not playing aginst him correctly. If your getting hit at every pallet because hit tentacle is up don't drop the pallet. 9/10 times your going to make another loop. Zombies really shouldn't be a problem because if there that close you need to leave the loop earlier.
  • You know we seem to always have the exact opposite experiences because I'm losing way more matches as killer but escaping more often as survivor. I'm not trying to discredit your experience just making an observation.
  • I kind of figured it was obvious but not fun. It feels like the more I try to have fun The worse the game goes. I'm averaging around 6 hooks a game and that's ending up having to sweat for those 6 hooks. Also the pre running is out of control ever time I make it to a gen I see the survivor way off in the distance to the…
  • Huntress now I maybe a little bias as I'm a Huntress main but I love trying to juke hatches. Also any stealth killers just because I like that jump scare moment when they just pop up.
  • That's what happens when you nerf all the gen regression but leave and then buff gen progression perks. At this point there is no way to stop gens from been done the best you can do is block them for a short time but that 80% gen is still 80% when it gets unblocked.
  • Because her power is made to throw up on gens and that's it. There is the option to play a chase build but your handicapping your self because it's extremely ineffective. It would be like playing Trapper but only using your traps as anti loop sure it might work but your making it really hard on yourself.
  • If an fov slider would be such a game breaking up date how come I never see shadowborn? Arguing that having a bigger fov would break balance you think almost ever killer would be running shadowborn for the huge advantage it gives.
  • Bubba power isn't designed to facecamp but his power design allows him to. It's an unintended side effect while stealth killers like wraith and onryo are designed to use hit and run. Huntress,myres,Trickster are all good at face camping as well does that mean they are designed to do so?
  • Well I just watched a otz video and apparently according to the devs Myers is fine and they are happy with his performance. So I wouldn't get your hopes up because according to the devs tombstone is fine.
  • I didn't understand how people can't except that just because it's an accessibility option doesn't mean it's not a buff. I've turned it on and have been using it ever since and I don't have a disability but I can see the HB before I hear the TR 9/10 tike. I've also seen just about ever streamer use it and they didn't have…
  • Because it's about the little thing that male this game fun. I had a Feng that game me her item and started acting cute so I spared her and 2 of her teammate one was tbagging at every pallet and clicky.......clicking me so they died. I was chasing one of the teammate for theee second hook and ran into Fang in the middle of…
  • Yup this is a one way street to tunnel town. I've notice that most people don't try it a second time if you stick them right back on a hook
  • I'm not saying it not viable it's just boring to play aginst because a killer can't take that chase because it would be throwing the game and now with pretty much no regression that gen stays at what it was. If you pre ran before ruin or overbrine would regress the gen. Now you just run early and come back to the gen at…
  • Have you done any SM art? I would love to see your take on her
  • I hate to break it to you but 90% of survivor gameplay is holding m1, doing gens,healing,unhooking,cleansing,opening chest survivor gameplay is boring in general and could use some kind of new mechanic or gameplay element(not a perk) that doesn't involve just hold m1 tell bar fills.
  • Putting drones around gens is really the only way to get any value from her even when your using then for chase you only need 1 so you need to something with the other 3. I've also noticed survivors 3 gening themselves alot lately. Most my wins have came at 1 gen because the survivors just blew through gen and left me with…
  • No its always been noticeable from time to time but lately it's pretty much every game and even multiple times a game.
  • It's at the point where I can't even swing around corners most the time because I get pulled towards whatever I'm trying to swing around and it looks so junky its really noticeable.
  • It really does feel that way especially seen all the opinions on meet your maker for controller
  • I would agree as well. It just sucks because if I take those chases as most killers I'm literally throwing the game
  • I definitely agree it turns the game into a walking Sim. I've been noticing it alot more lately as well as alot more pre running.