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  • I checked, no setting for that yet. It isn't until next patch.
  • I don't think they should be able to be used while running. To my knowledge, you can't use any item while moving besides maps. Either survivors are slowed when they begin to activate the EMP, or they have to stand still for a moment. This would make using them mid-chase much riskier since the killer can close the distance…
  • I think being able to run while you use an EMP is ridiculous. It's a simple fix which I think would make a considerable difference. To EMP mid-chase would require being a safe distance from the killer or risk being hit. This would also fix the altruistic EMP scenario which has happened to me a lot. Cleansing mid-chase…
  • He feels miserable to play. Several times I infect a survivor, they t-bag me and pop an EMP in my face. It really does feel like I'm playing an m1 killer. Infecting survivors themselves isn't exactly easy either. It really feels discouraging when you try to infect someone with an EMP, knowing they can negate your effort in…
  • I only play David unless I have a daily/tome challenge requiring me to play someone else.
  • Now that you mention it, this has happened to me a lot too.
  • There's an upcoming tome challenge to escape as Ash Williams while also activating Mettle of Man. As a solo-queue survivor, I'm sure completing this will give me an aneurysm.
  • I agree. DH is pretty much only useful if you aren't tunneled, which is weird since the devs seem to be marketing the changes as "anti-tunnel". Now, its basically a perk that can only be used only twice to extend chases. I agree with this as well, why not just use OTR and SB? Any other exhaustion perk can be used very…
  • I think the event is divided into 3 parts (1 part per week). Each week the color of the genmat changes and you get a different charm. I've escaped multiple times and only got the one charm, so I assume the other ones will unlock on 3/21 and 3/28. There's supposed to be 3 killer weapons and shirts for the original…
  • Same here; I'm on PS4. I get the good skill check sound but the circle turns red and the glyph disappears. I tried the glyph multiple times in 3 games.
  • Clown's yellow bottles work too. Was able to get the achievement in a single match.
  • Malevolence (Killer Perk) Start the trial with 1 token. Every time the obsession changes, gain 1 token up to a maximum of 8 tokens. You see the auras of all survivors within 4-32 meters (4 meters per token) of the obsession. When the obsession is killed or sacrificed, tokens are reset back to 1.
  • I only teabag if the killer was being toxic. Otherwise, I stay for the escape chase points, or to let the killer get a hit
  • Discordance is really helpful locating survivors. Also, if you're playing a killer with a smaller terror radius, M&A is really helpful too.
  • I'm honestly dreading trying to get adept with this guy. Either wait a year for buffs, or hope you go against a team of potatoes.
  • I feel like his blade mechanic should work like exhaustion; if you're running, the laceration meter doesn't decrease. You have to be idle for it to decrease.
  • I think its something with Trickster specifically. I have a much easier time playing Huntress or Slinger. I think after awhile, enough people will complain and he will get changed...again. I would just avoid playing him until then.
  • For some reason, I have an easier time getting hits on Huntress. Is Trickster's hit box smaller?
  • He just feels so damn slow, especially when you're being looped with a wall where you can't get knife hits. I really wanted to like this killer, but once I get adept and the other trophy for him, I will never play him again if he stays like this.
  • As a console player, I totally agree. I have some experience with Huntress. Even though I'm not great with her, I can at least get a few kills unlike with Trickster. There's nothing about him that justifies the 110% movement speed. I can understand that it takes a while to learn a new killer but he just feels so…
  • Wraith with All-Seeing and Windstorm. For perks: Haunted Ground, Undying, Devour Hope, and Make Your Choice. 1-shot Wraith with wall hacks is delicious ;)
  • The devs could keep logs of the player's actual tag. If they were reported, they could just look up the log to find their actual tag to do what they need to do.
  • Some maps need to have their totem spawn locations worked on. I think some of the maps that were designed later on have better totem spawns. Dead Dawg saloon seems to be a good example of a map with good hiding spots. I've gotten totem spawns on some maps that are literally right out in the open right next to a gen. There…
  • That's a fair argument. I think twitch should handle implementing a streamer/anonymous mode. It shouldn't be that hard. Streamers should be able to generate content and monetize it, but not at the expense of other players.
  • I think reporting is different. The devs have access to internal data that the general public does not. Even if the names are blurred, if the devs keep logs of matches, they can easily look this up and find the identity of the hacker.
  • Typically, the law allows you to be recorded as long as there is no expectation of privacy. But I think this opens up Pandora's Box. Let's say a streamer uploads content. If game play footage is considered public domain, and usable by anyone, what is stopping me from taking someone else's content, dubbing over it, claiming…
  • Any streamer, whether survivor or killer, depends on other people to be placed into a match and to generate content. So yes, you are essential for the streamer to have content, thus you are helping them generate money. Even if you hide the entire match, you and the three others along with the streamer themselves where…
  • I'm fine with people streaming multiplayer games. At the very least, the other players should remain anonymous if they don't give the streamer permission to use their game play footage in their videos.
  • The best solution here is that the streamers blur out the names of the people they play against. This comes at no cost to them and doesn't impede them creating content. People should be able to play a game without some streamer recording their game play without their consent and monetizing it. The argument I'm trying to…
  • As an example, let says a streamer does a "50 killer win streak" video. Every single survivor's game play in all of those matches would be used to contribute towards this said video. None of these survivors would be asked for their permission to have their game play footage used for this video. Their names would remained…
  • But the streamer depends on YOUR gameplay in order to generate content. I agree monetizing everyone would be a bit much, so I think the best solution would be to blur out the names of the other players.
  • I agree, if streamers wanted to use my footage, I would be fine as long as I remained anonymous.
  • I normally am the same way. But some people are used in montages and don't have their names blurred. This can lead to players being harassed.
  • I disagree, I thinks someone deserves the right to play a multiplayer game without having their name plastered onto a video so someone else can make money off of it.
  • I don't think its fair that someone monetizes my own gameplay content without my consent. That's basically what streamers are doing.
  • I've used Bubba for several of the archive challenges, Like any killer, he has his strengths and weaknesses. I've gotten many 4k's with him without insidious camping or other dirty tactics. If you enjoy his play style, keep playing him.
  • I'm not picking on DbD in particular. I think this is more a critique of streaming itself. If I'm instrumental in someone else making money, it seems only fair that I receive some contribution of it, or my consent is gained before I'm featured in a public video. I think my post is more a question about streaming in…
  • I originally made a post about this, but didn't get any response. Here were my suggestions: Make the knife trajectory/positioning more consistent and remove recoil. Why is this a thing? Huntress, Deathslinger, or Plague don't have any recoil with their powers, why would Trickster? Yes, he can spam his power but requires 8…
  • To me, it seems like the devs have gotten lazier and lazier. Assuming we get a new map next chapter for the anniversary, we will have gone 12 entire months without a new map. The map reworks shouldn't really count. Refactoring an existing map shouldn't be as time consuming as creating a new map from scratch. It shouldn't…
  • For #4, at the very least I think they should reduce the time window that Victor can be crushed for. Right now I believe it's 3 seconds. I think 1-1.5 seconds would be more reasonable. It would require a bit more skill from survivors to get the timing right to get a kick in when you're vulnerable.
  • I started doing fairly well with Blight after a handful of games with him. His power has great synergy with a lot of perks. After about 10 games or so, I can get a decent feel for a Killer (not saying I've mastered them by any means, but I can get a decent read on their potential). The Twins is such an unefficient and…
  • @Entity_Burger The best solution would be for the community to voice their discontent and persuade the developers to change this system, but that scenario seems highly unlikely. The second best solution seems to be survivors and killers collaborating to complete the more difficult challenges. Doing the latter is kind of…
  • @Entity_Burger I'm not sure if it's a bug, but I was able to see lvl 4 of the tome. The challenges are completely ridiculous, like unhook 3 survivors during endgame collapse in one match, or sacrifice 3 survivors during collapse with NoED in one match, or sacrifice all 4 survivors in the basement in one match. Without…
  • I agree. I counted the rift fragment rewards from the auris web; I believe it was 70-75. It takes 10 shards to tier up, so with 70 tiers you need 700 shards total. So assuming each of the webs is 75 fragments, completing all 4 gives us about 300. So we need 400 more to get to tier 70. So 400 x 800exp = 320,000 exp points.…
  • Thanks for the feedback. I was just throwing out random numbers for the three examples, it's difficult to come up with ranges and %'s without any data or testing. I do get killers are pressed for time (I play killer about 30-40% of the time). Maybe instead of 4 seconds, have it take 2 seconds so its about the same speed or…
  • I'm specifically asking if the crystal bead will activate when this happens. So when DH goes off and the stuff is added to the map, will all of the other survivors see the auras as well?