I'm leaving guys. The hypocrisy from this studio is staggering. I get told almost daily that my family needs to die from cancer in this game and nothing gets done because nobody cares. I refer to Twitch - something that BHVR uses to profit from via advertisement of their game - as the same word and suddenly I'm getting warnings. Basically BHVR doesn't care what gets said about you or your family but don't you dare hurl insults at anything that hurts their bottom line. Disgusting company.


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  • Make it distance related rather than terror radius Survivor loses endurance effect if they tap a gen or unhook (like DS) Good trade. Benefits everyone.
  • Rephrase the question "should stealth killers and freddy be free to camp hooks and avoid BT", there's your answer.
  • I've noticed that too. Worst part is a lot of the big influences tend to jump on board with this hypocrisy as well.
  • How many of these threads do we need before somebody gets the picture that players are not happy?
  • It's very easy to combat, if a survivor goes down you get to a locker. Also take away the bloodpoint bonus (which has no effect in game) and see how many people still use it.
  • While I disagree that killer is in a good spot, I do agree that killer is less frustrating than solo survivor. That's why I became a killer main now except for when friends are on for swf. As killer at least I have a chance to win, and don't have to sweat my butt off to carry a team. But I don't think it's a balance issue…
  • Actually when 4 survivors stack all their second chances this is pretty balanced
  • It was but survivors said it was op on all the Myers running around with it and so it had to be nerfed into an F tier perk
  • I know right. I was on the other side of a pallet and he was throwing knives at me and I died. WHAT IS THE POINT OF THE PALLET???
  • Who are the most balanced killers in your opinion? Are there any balanced killers?
  • And? I don’t see DH being nerfed anytime soon. Besides 5 tokens spread across 4 survivors isn’t much. Not when its 2 hits to down anyway
  • How is it a joke? You just said it’s one of the best perks and many people use it, which normally comes from soemthing being too powerful. You say there are ways to combat it, but if it was so easy to combat it wouldnt be one of the best perks nor would anyone be running it.
  • People saying things shouldnt be permanently increased. Well fixated got buffed after much begging where you slap it on and now your movement speed is increased no matter what permanently. This is huge for stealth. In chase spine chill permanently increases vaulting because the killer isnt going to be turning around for…
  • Yeah I imagine this is most of the spirit haters. They get the game, play survivor, read the reddit, watch a scott jund video, hear spirit is all kinds of OP, go into a game at rank 14 vs rank 14-20 survivors with a pre-conceived bias and in their mind have it proven true without questioning the results further
  • That’s a really ignorant way of looking at it. It’s like me saying survivors just want to be able to run in a circle, drop a pallet and tbag with complete safety. They’re afraid of not escaping so they desperately want killers to NOT play other killers, just keep using the ones that are easy to loop where survivors control…
  • Really? The only good thing about that chapter was Undying imo which is just a bandaid for bad totem spawns. The rest was entirely forgettable (including Blight). The worst chapter imo is Halloween. It introduced a perk so broken and overpowered that it has impacted the game more than any other for the next 4 years. Not to…
  • imo it shouldn't be but if survivors can flick and 360 then killers should be able to do this too
  • Did you have fun?
  • See they want this game to still be either 4 vs 1, or 1vs1vs1vs1vs1. Historically they have floated the idea of every survivor their themselves and that they're not necessarily a team. This in my opinion worked with the old hatch because there was almost guaranteed safety for 1 survivor. Now however I find that more often…
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  • Sometimes a company needs it to do anything though. Look at survivor movement, they went up in arms and BHVR just scrapped months of animation work to appease people. The problem for me is they've had almost 5 years to learn from DBD and we end up getting Gideon god pallet plant. How did they not foresee the issues? the…
  • My man, it was generally agreed upon that old Bubba was not a very good killer. Old Bubba required "skill" because he was very underpowered, so you needed to be really good with him to overcome the handicap. New Bubba has most of the same weaknesses to be honest, but now he can catch up a little better with the chainsaw…
  • You can definitely kick him everytime, you just have to go for it asap and not delay.
  • I don't expect a 4k. I just want a game where I feel like I lost because the other side played well and showed a lot of skill, not held shift+w, dropped god pallets, and pressed E for free distance.
  • fix the windows, please. Seal off the little one like last year, this is an infinite against 110% killers. With the larger one, it doesn't need to be ultra unsafe like it was last year, just move the window a tiny bit closer to the breakable wall.
  • lol potato math, I like it
  • The breakable wall doesn't really do much thats the issue, it's too far from the door. I think blood lodge has the same thing where theres no point to having a door because it's a mile from the window. I've never seen 1 and 2 open at the same time but 2 being looped becomes an infinite against 110% killers
  • Yeah it feels like too little, too late. It's a little extra for Clown but it doesn't really fix any of his issues and tends to have him reloading a lot more.
  • Don't suppose anyone could explain why this window was brought back? it was removed now it's back. What gives? escape rates of the map?
  • I read this a lot, it's why nobody wants to play killer.
  • Yeah and the number of killers you run into that are 5000 hour tournament players are very slim too. Fact is that balance trickles down. If killer and survivor aren't balanced at the highest level with ultra good and experienced players on both sides, then they aren't balanced for good players either. I see plenty of good…
  • no everyone uses killrates for freddy and its the reason he's getting nerfed If we go by our own experiences then freddy isn't as strong as he's made out to be
  • It has been brought up multiple times. Survivors said its fine so don’t expect anything to change. They weakened this window in early 2020 just to bring it back in late 2020. Then they added the fat shame tree as the cherry on the cake. Its an intentional choice. Also the small window is an infinite against Deathslinger…
  • He’s very latency dependent. If he works, he’s strong. If he doesn’t, he’s just an m1 killer that makes survivors snap out of it occasionally.
  • We did. Rank 14-20 gameplay as we expected. Any killer can clean up at those ranks. Sad part is? The developers balance around this level. If spirit is so braindead and easy then lets see your friend take on a rank 1 swf with meta perks. Should be easy right?
  • Come play my region and you will see that is the case. Those that have playtime listed start at 2k hours minimum, ive seen it go up to 7000 hours regularly. Console survivors are just as good but cant see their playtimes but they tend to do 4man swf a lot more. Its actually much rarer to see a killer on this level and if…
  • I dont get where you’re pulling your stats from. I play on PC EU. Seeing survivors with 2500-6500 hours is the norm. These survivors are certainly not rare. The god tier spirits? Now those I never see. Most are boosted by tunnel and NOED like all killers. This is how I know you’re just repeating what you’ve read online,…
  • Yeah its repeating maps a lot.
  • Is it actually rank 15? 😂 well there’s a surprise Should see a Hillbilly at rank 15. They absolutely crush other teams
  • I will warn you a lot of players will treat you very unkindly. Others might just ignore you Personally I see an object I am extremely toxic to them.
  • Tru3 has pointed this out a few times. The game is balanced around 2 kills/2 escapes, yet its so quick to give you ENTITY DISPLEASED at red ranks for a number of hooks and 2 kills I dont care about pips or ranks though. Ive been rank 1, got the achievement, dont feel the need to prove anything. If I go up i go up, if i go…
  • Then how do I escape against so many spirits? Nurse however I agree, shes in a leage of her own But its easy to say most killers will never win against a good swf. I see many comprised of players with between 2000-6000 hours. You arent beating these games with a clown or a trapper. Umbra is a legendary huntress and even…
  • Viable at having a chance of winning. Even then, Spirit is a maybe. Only Nurse has a chance of winning every game. For every other killer in the game some trials are unwinnable. That is not good design no matter how you try to spin it. Both sides should have a fair shot at winning
  • Everybody says its terrible but BHVR being out of touch with players again seems to think they’ve done a pretty good job so far
  • Only 2 killers are actually viable. Lets nerf one of them so we only have 1 viable killer The swf squads really don’t like losing do they? Why even bother playing a game when there’s no risk of losing at all?
  • That’s probably because you give up on 1st hook Sluzzy
  • Considering there are 4 survivors to 1 killer, survivor perks should always be less impactful. The problem this game has is that it was so poorly designed and balanced in 2016-2017 that survivors now only accept genuine second chance perks as good perks and they undervalue any other good perks. Survivors often see perks…
  • Yeah its very tilting. Seeing the same maybe 6-8 perks on every survivor, they hold W every chase, tap E to outplay, and have a second chance for every scenario, all of which aren’t very skillful but they’ll tbag at every pallet and get abusive after the game as if they’re esports level gamers. Many of these survivors are…
  • Everyone called it a nerf, even Otz called it a nerf whose word seems to be gospe around here. You’re literally the only person who has ever called it a buff. Even the devs said its a nerf. But ok, I’ll come to you for any and all killer advice from now on because clearly you’re the expert edit: for what its worth I agree…
  • Lmao posts like this are such obvious lies or disinfo its hilarious If your friend only plays survivor, picked up killer for once and got the 4k he was obviously against rank 20 survivors. Any killer can get the 4k at rank 20. When i first started this game i got 4k with 110% speed killer without using my ability. Spirit…