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  • Will not work with ghost face either
  • Can confirm, the grab does not be to dedicated. Almost 8 hours of DC penalty b/c survivors will take the game hostage after they notice it. There is a 2-3 second delay of when the survivor can move before grab animation even starts (with 40 ping survivors and a 20 ping killer)
  • Its usually pretty easy to hit. Even when running I can usually pull it off. Although when there are more things I need to worry about, it usually get a lot harder to actually hit it. aka, if someone is down or if this is the gen that's going to power the exit gates, I'm more likely to miss.
  • Yea i got a few thousand hours in the game as well have have barely experienced any hackers until tonight, so maybe its just an off chance
  • if you really wanna have fun, just run WGLF. Makes toy see how challenging the game cna get if you are just trying to protect people
  • From what i heard, yes. Although Ive seen no offical statement on it yet.
  • Nope, and it hasnt died for a long time. It just recently has actually picked back up, and is getting more attention
  • Sorry but the direct attack failed so badly that I have to rebuttle. The first few words of my post are about how there is a 1k kill to a 3k escape. Yet you somehow failed to read that, so its mentioned again. Not once is it mentioned about a swf, or anything else for that case. What im explaining is confrimation bias, and…
  • This is not the reason to save sprint burst. it is mainly to not waste the perk by sprinting to early, and to have a killer not chase you. To not get chased, waste sprint burst, and now have the killer go for someone else is such a huge set back for survivor that its nearly impossible for the survivor to get much use if…
  • There needs to be broken lockers that the huntress can get from, and regular lockers that survivors can hide in... also, not gonna lie, lockers just against trees n stuff would actually be so funny to see; even funnier if you caught a survivor in them.
  • so from what I know, they fixed the "legit" way to find this out through the normal log files the game produces. Although the cheat that has been in DBD for almost 2 years now keeps coming back. Its a way to block playing against certain killers, block players so you dont que, and now lets you see the killer, the perks…
  • They are supposed to be optional from what ive heard. Plus, its not fixing the fact that skillchecks are boring
  • Property Damage, Rust and blood, Seal the Deal, Deadly Pursuit, gruesome. Deadly Race, bring the light, Appeal to heal, Blinded by the light, By any means nessecary.
  • You can consitantly get WGLF, but you would have to build around it. Plus BBQ is for playing the game, and so is WGLF, one just happens to be easily to make obtainable than the other. if BBQ was via hits, it would be to easy to get, if WGLF was with heals / generators it would beto easy to get, so it tries to tak ethe…
  • Nearly the entire DLC for the game is around 150 dollars to begin with, and with all the ingame cosmetics already inplace, its nearly another 125 dollars to get it. Along with the rift pass being 10 dollars, so on and so fourth, the game is feeling a lot more like an Appstore kids game, than a fully flushed out thriller…
  • I dont think they need to be equal on what they give, as I mean it would be way to easy to just use survivor to get BP (( as you can get around 5 games in an hour if even that)) I just think that it shouldnt really be taking up a perk slot if it just does that.
  • I have brought that Addon to sanctum of wraith, and i have walked the ENTIRE map through the middle, and seen no locker auras. that means for over 128 meters, i have not had a locker within 36 meters of me (4608 m^2 of no lockers! )
  • Thought of stuff like this for a long time, but for killers. Like weapons that change based on the map you are on. The only problem would be that it would probably be very heavy on the game to have to do so many checks like this, and would probably just cause issues overall.
  • honestly though, Id love to see it have more of use. But also, that could run the issue of MAJOR stacking of perk uses. Something along the lines of everyone sees your aura when you take a protection hit would be a nice change
  • If this is true, then there needs to be a reward of priority to what is wanted. I think the game should take a TF2 approach to the current issues, fix bugs, and let the community that is already pumping out content do the rest. I mean seriously, people are suggestion, making, balancing on here nearly every day, and yet we…
  • In reality, you should be allowed to DC once per day, then penality... i would love to be able to get rid of that OoO practice game I get nearly every day. Plus, that'd saftey net any injust DC's which would give you time to report them before they go haywire
  • Yea, it seems that if 1 survivor dies but the rest escape, the killer is bad to those 3, but the one that died thinks the killer is overpowered. Its typical confirmation bias, mixed in with being mad that you couldnt escape a game where not all 4 are supposed to escape.
  • Spirit gives no feedback, so most people dont like the fact that they cannot react. But at the same token, it basically just makes her good at the chase aspect of the game, but bad for the protection of gens. Shes kinda Like DS, you can guess all you want, but in the end, if shes there, shes there.
  • Always for the first few months at most you will nearly always 4k. We will see his real ranking in about 2-3 months. If it anything like nurse, he will seem really extreme at first then level out slowly. Such as how new Nurse was F teir until she slowly became a B tier ( IMO Of course, and between a few friends )
  • If you are having a lot of issues with it, try a VPN that places you somewhat near your location. Sometimes if matches take to long, ill move myself to east / west US instead of central. This only raises my ping by like, maybe 20 ms and will get me more matches.
  • Whats the point of coming onto the discussion board to tell people that the issue / idea they have is just "Hahah :clown: ahahah" There is no point to come here to comment stuff like this as it doesnt further the conversation. Yea so, I have gotten banned for 6 hours becuase I used to run DbD on a ######### pc, and then…
  • naw, they are currently looking into it, give em about 3 updates to add it, then another to break it :)
  • There is supposed to be a hotfix coming within the next week or so, along with that, I feel you. I used to play nearly everyday for like... maybe 5 hours and now I barely touch the game
  • So the auras are supposed to be getting a hotfix along with other things, so do not expect these to stay. They are made for a better aura system to help distictify with certain objects that may have been hard to see before. They did not expect it to be so hard to see, and the Devs are currently working to fix the problem…
  • Honestly, you are deathly mistaken if you think Totems are anywhere near as important as gens. If games are going slow, then the killer isnt taking full advantage of the slow gen time. I am guessing you are more of a casual player, but for people for are at red ranks within the first few hours of rank reset, you see this…
  • I always thought that there should be a slowly increasing debuff for doing "unusual" actions. Like gens as a killer is approaching, not unhooking a survivor, or being near an injured survivor
  • Ah! Thank you so much, I had just woken back up and this is really nice to come back to!
  • Ive had this happen with nurse multiple times. Seems to be picking them up the far they do the action
  • oh I thought your post was bait
  • Hey what about nurse?
  • Hoesntly, I think the times should be flipped, with the clock being the safe option, but the missed skillcheck giving higher reward
  • This has happened to me as well! I would recommend that you CLOSE THE GAME AFTER PURCHASING, AND REOPEN! I usually dont have to worry about that issue after I do so.
  • Im glad someone gets my drift. I feel the more you can add to such a boring task is the most that the killer and survivor can do to interact. Interupting during this time would basically stop progress until someone breaks the skill wall (for lack of... well better terms)
  • Man, that'd suck for the killer to have to mend
  • I wanted it to seem more complex than the current system, to try and make it as interesting, yet achievable for skillchecks. its complexitiy mostly comes from just a spur of ideas so it wouldnt turn into the same repeat with just 2 skill checks now instead of 1
  • Oh yea, I heard about that! i dont know about their current use, but what im mainly focusing on here is the lobotomy of a mechanic it has become, and its been the same for over 4 years now... for people who have been playing for that long... they must have night mares of that ding coming up
  • Ah, had meant to say 2:31, and i had stopped the timer after I wanted to DC, but its still so possible that its not even funny... 151 seconds is 37.75 seconds per gen;2 BNP's + commodious and the wire spool addon, and with all of that, resilience and PTY on one of them made gens hell. No gens were finished, but 4 were on…
  • I got a 2:13 second gen time recently, and today I dc'd b/c 4 gens were 70% within 60 seconds of the game starting. This was with 2 hooks Thanta, and sloppy as nurse. I think its the Hidden MMR that we are all now in, as its really going to show how absolutely optimal survivors can be at just basic high ranks, not like 3k…
  • Ah yes, "Enticing Drama." The term "Nurse-ify" in DbD has floated around so much currently, that i think the drama is needed, otherwise nothing would have been done about it. if you took the time the look at billy, and actually get a few games in with him, the over heat mechanic does come into play if you are spamming the…
  • From what ive noticed, this is to prevent people who try to chain billy over and over again, and keep missing. It seems more like a way to tell new players to "STOP DOING THIS, IT ISNT WORKING, USE THE OTHER MOUSE BUTTON" and also "STOP USING ME TO BREAK EVERY SINGLE PALLET, THEN TRY AND FIND A SURVIVOR, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE…
  • I like the idea of a recharging silent bell... but I think it should just reduce the bell to 1 strike, and have that strike come out slower, and with no direction what so ever. I have always thought that uncloacking should apply the terror radius to all survivors that have spotted wraith in the past "x" seconds. It would…
  • I think they are poorly implemented for killers, I like then on survivor but wish there was more customization as well. The Devs said they were going to work on skin customization, so im guessing for mid-chapter after chpt 17, we will see some pretty major changes (still hoping they spend an entire chapter on just working…
  • Yea thats what I have been thinking as well. I feel like this could actually finally be a way to make the game more open towards players who might not have the best of vision ; moreover colorblindness and customizable auras are honestly something that Id actually like to see for this ido think that there are a lot of…