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  • It doesn't need to come up. There's no reason to make this distinction or even argue it postively in any possible way for anyone but the survivor. Anti-face camp makes it easier for survivors. There is NO benefit to the killer for this. None whatsoever. It's all a bonus for the survivor, even if you somehow argue it's easy…
  • You've already been given: Perks to handle this Basekit Borrowed Time Basekit Anti-Camp mechanic Anti-Camp mechanic No longer able to insta-grab survivors who are trying to rescue An exorbitant amount of time on hook to move from one hook state to the next (enough time between states for single survivors to finish a gen if…
  • As a killer, I will agree to this only when each and every survivor agrees to exit the gate when the game is done instead of wasting time standing there to give you the final flashlight click or to bag you. This might not be you so please ignore if not like you OP, but if you are a survivor who complains about bleeding…
  • I just left a match were this happened and I thought it was odd that the survivor dc'ed after being dead - i mean its literally seconds
  • Then the anti-camp should as well.
  • Or you could just win the real way by finishing gens and then splitting up to escape from the gate? Hatch wins should be next to none, this is just something they put in to stop survivors from hiding infinitely or quitting the game for good. Sometimes players will die at the gates while others escape. Just like sometimes a…
    in Hatch rules Comment by tubalcane June 1
  • lol what? Borrowed Time - Standard. Anti-Camp - Standard. Dozens of pallets on every board around every turn. No more automatic pickup at the hook. 3-genning now in survivors favor. Windows and free escapes everywhere. They can't keep making it any easier for survivors - and it's silly they use a 60% mechanic instead of a…
    in Hatch rules Comment by tubalcane June 1
  • Looks like your original post got edited
  • LOL - you can't be serious right?
  • If you can't manage to get TO ONE OF THE 60-80 ADVANTAGES ON EACH BOARD WHILE BEING CHASED BY Bloodlust that's on you, it's not about easy or hard considering that CONSTANTLY STOPPING AT PALLETS is usually not the optimal play so it is not even about having an easier game as KILLER just about not getting hit when you were…
  • Right the killer has a much harder time getting a hit now because survivors threaten to take their ball and go home. The ironic thing is that killers are just getting better and better, and survivors are getting worse and worse because the game is so easy for them now. Then they will still lose despite so many advantages,…
  • There is nothing wrong with this. Not every game needs to be a 10 minute sprint.
  • Yeah don't mention the ludicrous amount of benefits that survivors now have - Basekit BT, anticamp, endless pallets and windows, 3 gens done after an easy W-key 90 second chase lol
  • 90 seconds is one chase man. Way too fast. It's amazing how much easier survivors want it.
    in Hatch rules Comment by tubalcane May 14
  • Not sure I agree about Wesker but I can agree that with Nurse, Blight etc. your point makes sense. There the tradeoff is your accuracy as the killer instead of the countless pallets and windows that have been added that need more of a counter. Especially with Windows Of Opportunity, even bad survivors can just run from…
  • I wouldn't call it making mistakes. With so many pallets, windows, multiple ways to stop injury, anticamp, basecamp BT etc. the game has been made so easy for survivors there needs to be a counter for killers.
  • Game isn't easy enough for survivors already? The same could be said about poor survivors who just w-key across the board to yet another pallet window that exists every 5 feet for them.
  • By one killer? Go out and watch streams, no one, even mediocre players like myself, are camping anymore. Its a 100% advantage to the survivor and it should be left alone if not removed. Camping and tunneling are totally acceptable ways to play and the gamemakers should stop pretending that's those tactic are not acceptable…
  • So they need to make the game even easier for you is what you are saying?
  • I bet you're the kind of player that when you're winning, you like to stay at the exit gate and bag or click your flashlight to taunt. Then you'll complain about slugging.
  • "but the killer still has lot of regression"? So basically it's the killer's fault you didnt close the deal? Why does the killer get penalized all the time when the survivor can't make a win happen? "Tunneling!" - Basekit TS "Camping!" - Basekit Anti-Camp "Not fair that a killer in insta-grab me at the hook!" - Got rid of…
  • Really great idea but can you imagine what they might want on the Royalties on that between Nicholson, King, Kubrick's estate, the studio, and the publisher? Seems insurmountable.
  • "Delay the game" Why does this matter? Every match doesn't need to be a frantic genrush or kill frenzy.
  • Except the balance idea is horrible. Game should be fair, not kill rates. Kill rates are just a lazy way to look at it. If the game is fair then people will just improve by playing more - not the other way around like now where so many survivors have atrophied skills because they get handed easy levels with lots of…
  • So what is the counterplay when you can time it perfectly to blind anytime? Sorry, everything in the game should have a counterplay, and there should be no automatic if the killer positions themselves correctly.
  • Why? Because you need to taunt people so badly, you want to be able to follow them around? You can easily report in the following way if that's your issue: To the right of their name on the scoreboard there is a thumbs up thumbs down Click it Pick one of the reports above. Write it You don't need to know someone's name or…
  • What? Game is so easy for survivors and getting easier everyday. They are rolling back almost all the good stuff for killers in the patch, and you still get your little tunneling escape to make the game EVEN easier.
  • Agree 100%, having just some red is kind of distracting for the ones close by.
  • The BHVR mgmt is terrified of the survivors. They bend over backwards for them.
  • Survivors standing at the edge of the exit, to flicker, bag, or taunt the killer should cause it to close then for even better reasons than these.
  • So you would have more than 4 perks?
  • Yeah except that each killer has a completely different mechanic and most of them must be learned individually, but survivors can pick what they like to do on any survivor they want. The balance is (not heavily) in favor or the survivors and getting rougher with each easy mode given, latest being anti-camp and now longer…
  • "Survivors that are inexperienced" This is your issue right here - the only way you get better at countering tunnelling is by getting experience. Not to mention the myriad of easy mode advantages they've given you to counter it. "but you can achieve a good tunneling strategy to tip the game in the killers favor" - isn't…
  • So make it even easier for survivors. Why not just give you 3 more hook states?
    in Dead hard Comment by tubalcane April 5
  • True - but then if you use gen reduction perks you have to deal with the dozens of windows and pallets that take minimal skill for the survivors to use unfortunately.
  • Practice does! I see tons of survivor videos where survivors down good killers who tunnel. Only bad players lose to tunnels - the advantages you have are crazy. There are sacrifices sometimes - when someone gets tunneled sometimes it sucks for them and they have to die. Or survivors can come and try and take protection…
  • It is easy, just work on these. All the advantages in the world - able to see 3rd person up and above everything gives you the advantage on every loop. The game is so easy for survivors now and folks like you keep asking for more!
  • But tunneling win is not guaranteed anymore. Not unless you are an absolutely awful survivor because of all the easy mode advantages that survivors have (and more every day everytime BHVR worries about their bottom line). 2 gens finished within a one minute chase is totally unacceptable. It's time to make the game hard for…
  • 2 gens after the first hook isn't efficient - it's just an easy mode gimme for survivors.
  • Gens just get done too fast. Makes no sense how the first chase, even a short one, turns into 2 gens done.
  • How do you counter? Run. Loop. Bring Perks. Get Help. List goes on and on and on
  • Hard to miss the point - basically the game is already full of advantages for survivors. Why do you need yet another? When will enough be enough before BHVR needs to realize you just need to practice more and get better rather than handing you wins?
  • As a killer main I agree. Just ruins the fun of the game going for such a difficult challenge
  • So bringing DS, improving your looping, improving your w-keying, using perks like dead hard, body blocks, jungle gyms, pallets and windows galore, firecrackers isn't enough?
  • It's not a weird comparison at all. It's just a sarcastic version of what survivors ask for day in day out for tunneling which is absolutely counterable with about a half dozen things like looping already implemented. It's time for survivors to up their skills rather than ask for more free perks.
  • You are always near a good loop - show me a hook on that map not near a decent loop within 10 seconds plus the burst of speed. The maps are now covered in pallets. If the killer is loaded with anti-loop then they have no other good perks which is an advantage for you. They've given you DS. They've given you an anti-camp…
  • There are free ways to deal with it. They are called looping, bodyblocking, dropping pallets, w-keying across the board because bloddlust stinks, etc etc etc
  • Why don't you just go ahead and ask for a rule where once a killer hooks you, they have to run to the other side of the level and if they don't get there in time, you get all your health states back? Or how about you make it so that you have to rotate through all the survivors? Then you can bodyblock, w-key to the other…
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