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  • I think they should extend the event when they bring back event offering. I missed days of event because I don't want to have blocked offerings in my inventory for the year or even longer. So I just don't spend bloodpoints. I understand that it seems like not a big deal, but it's just bugging me.
  • Some of their decisions are clearly got from watching statistics. For example they want to make all killrates 60% ideally. That's probably why they buffed Huntress. But Huntress didn't need a buff. She has her killrate below 60% because she is free, so newer players try to play her and they lose. Huntress requires some…
  • I have same 250 event points and I don't see the option to spend it somewhere.
  • I tried to invite new players but they couldn't assimilate quickly so one of them quited for good and another said he will might return to it later. He rather play VHS everyday despite low winrate and horrible queue times.
  • Don't forget that survailance won't give you any information if you don't kick gens or if you don't have gens regress perks. Survailance is relying to the rest of the build to be useful, while overcharge is useful by itself.
  • Yes, I didn't count any of that. It is definitely may take less time.
  • There ts 29 killers and 33 survivors in game. Prestiging one character takes approximately 1 million bp. So you need 186 000 000 bloodpoints to p3 every character. If you play 4 games per hour and earn 30k bp per game, you will need 1550 hours. If you play 2 hours a day, it will take a couple of years.
  • I don't use noed and gen slowdown perks. I can't say I care about survivors fun but I do feel sorry when they lose at 5 gens.
  • When overheat mechanic was added I made a long saw montage in 2021 and it included my gameplay from oct 2020 - jan 2021. I was playing Hillbilly only on this period. It's still possible to have fun with Hillbilly but overheat made this killer much harder to enjoy. Couple of tries and you have to walk on your feet waiting…
  • Try to see if it really was a camping from killer's perspective. I usually don't camp. I prefer to check gens after hooking survivor. But when I go away from hook and I see someone instantly running to unhook I change my target to this survivor. Don't expect killer ignore dumb play from survivors and capitalize on…
  • You underestimate streamers' contribution to the game. They attract tons of new players and inspire old players to keep playing. I'm not a streamer and I didn't see much cheaters or streamsnipers in my games so I can't share Otz' problem. But my real problem is that my favorite dbd content creator leaving the game. I like…
  • Basekit protection gives a decent 7% speedboost for 10 seconds to get into safe place. But when survivors use it to bodyblock they straigh up asking to be tunneled. In my opinion it's much harder to tunnel when unhooked survivor runs away instead of trying to protect his rescuer. I was always saying that best antitunneling…
  • Right now playing killer is comfortable without slowdown perks. You can focus on info instead of gens because you already get extra minute of slowdown. But I played survivor a lot recently to do achievements and challenges and killers sometimes still focused on gen slowdown in their builds. This is kind of overkill. I…
  • I guess my MMR at its lowest because I lose as survivor a lot recently and I go against killers that only equip frosty eyes as cosmetic. And I get a lot of legions. I know that we should stay separate and keep killer away from teammates. But my teammates seem to be beginners and they often try to group up and heal instead…
  • I didn't have much success with Dredge. Mostly because I didn't get used to control him yet. Too much variations how to control his power so my recent games were a bit sloppy. I hope I enjoy him when I figure how to play efficiently. Same as I didn't find Artist fun until I learned how to play her and now she is in my…
  • No, you can't lock survivors in lockers. But funny thing I played Dredge yesterday and I accidently catch Dwight hiding in locker by random teleport. That couldn't be more stereotypical.
  • Try Sprint Burst. It allows you to run away if you got unhooked in front of killer. That will make you an unappealing target compared to your rescuer.
  • I don't know. I will unlock it with shards anyway.
  • I can't describe how much I despise those who DC or suicide. Especially when everything going ok. I had a lot of 3v1 games where we was about to escape. A lot of games ruined by this hysterical ######### that can't handle being downed or hooked.
  • DS is mostly fine. Only thing that you can't do anything about it's when survivors hooked while endgame and they just crawl and escape or stab you and escape. But at this point game is pretty much lost so it doesn't really matter.
  • I can understand survivors during endgame that leave you on hook in basement or across the map. I don't blame them actually. They just probably calculate it and decide that 5000 bp not worth the risk. But recently I got into situation you described and I had the same feeling. Healthy Jeff that wasn't hooked once just left…
  • Give a white robe for Jeff to combine with 4th anniversary crown to make Jesus set complete.
  • Seems like she only dominates over Kate.
  • Not much actually. But I bought some cosmetics that I will never wear on characters I will never play and that the reason to regret a little.
  • If they make proper scary Nightfall it won't bring back the feeling of your first 30h in game when you gone numb with terror when hear the heartbeat. Experienced players will play normally because they know how to play and what to do. Newer players will get scared even more ######### out of them which is not bad. But I…
  • If a Killer hits a Snowman while a Survivor is hiding inside Is it work by special attack or it's basic attack only?
  • Some killers can perform well without addons. Huntress for example has good 1v4 potential and she doesn't rely on addons much. But you still need perks to find survivors because her 40 meter lullaby make survivors hide earlier.
  • Killer emotes is good idea. It should be something like roar so you could use it while chase. Killer's role is too busy to make a victory dance.
  • Are you sure you tunneled? Maybe you just chased?
  • I think 3 is most valid point. Some hexes are too weak and not worth being hex.
  • Absolutely agree with OP. Post adressed to people that telling they have to bring 4 slowdown perks, camp, tunnel and slug at 5 gens to win. It's adressed to people that blaming MMR for giving them this hard games. This people usually say that MMR doesn't allow them play casualy with any weaker perks. I have seen a lot of…
  • I like yellow more, but they look good together.
  • We have snow whole November and it going to stay there until March. Recenly we had slight warming and snow become little wet. And wet snow is good for building snowmen and making snowballs. When it's getting colder snow stops being sticky enough for building. Most of the time it's cold winter here, so it was a rare case.
  • I see keys in my lobbies sometimes. And I'm glad it nerfed. As killer you had to worry they escape together without opening gates or even repairing all gens which felt unfair and undeserved. As survivor it meant killer will bring everything he has to eliminate the team in worst and fastest possible way.
  • Thank you for kind words. I want to share my killer expirience too. When I was beginner killer I got a lot of bullies in my matches. And their goal was not just winning, but also ruining my day and damaging my mental health. I was very offended by their flashlights and teabagging. I felt so helpless against them. My hands…
  • Yes. It was on Game map. I used full fun build Mad Grit, Iron Grasp, Agitation, Starstruck on Trickster. And survivors was sticking around when I carry someone to the hook. So with agitation it wasn't a problem to catch up to survivors. It was a fast match. They were mad at the end and someone said I was hacking.
  • I'm sure you do lose MMR when more than 2 survivors escape. So if you play non-sweat builds you lose enough games where your game style match the skill of survivors. They still might have 4 second chance perks each, but you will be able to handle it. I advice you to play as you like without thinking about your invisible…
  • Now with MMR it punish you for being creative with builds and I'm basically forced to play with the same meta builds and force to use max MMR killers. It's honestly boring after awhile. I don't get it. What do you get for being High MMR gamer? There is no reward, so why you consider not being high MMR as punishment? You…
  • I have reasons. I find it less stressful than solo survivor. Instant queue time at evening. About 30k bp every match is a normal result for killer. +BBQ stacks +BP offerings = ~90k BP every match. No dumb idiots ruining my game with DC or suicide. I genuinely have same question to survivors. Why they play survivor other…
  • If Huntress removed I would probably switch to Nemesis.
  • Best part it pauses exhaustion cooldown when survivor is on gen. So they can't repair gen and prepare another DH or SB at same time.
  • Decisive Strike or/and Sprint Burst for anti tunneling. Windows of Opportunity to help navigate to safer places. Kinship helps when you camped. Extra 30 seconds on hook while camped can come in clutch for your team.
  • People was asking for MMR because red ranks were full of unexpirienced players. "It's so easy to get rank 1 my teammates/opponents so dumb". Now they say that MMR is a big mistake and no one ever asked for this. "I have to sweat in case to win to increase my invisible imaginary rank to play with sweatier opponents which I…
  • I'm all ears easlily. This perk is nice but cooldown make it almost unusable. Often when you chasing injured survivor you hit them while they vault. That reveals aura of survivor on the ground. And sometimes survivors make fast action while they not in chase.
  • If 4 kills is winning for you, you can slug at 5 gens and get 4 hooks - 4 kills while having 4 strongest slowdown perks. If it's fun for you I don't see the problem.
  • If it stressful you should probably change your win condition. For example get 4 stacks of BBQ and over 25k bp. It doesn't mean you should not aim to 4k. Just make killing survivors your secondary objective. If you not having fun for securing kills by slugging/camping/tunneling, you should probably look for fun in chases…
  • Did I get it right? You lose against good players. And you keep playing against good players over and over. And your MMR not going down to comfortable niche with equal opponents.
  • MMR is invisible number. How do you all define your MMR as high or low?
  • I also was a big fan of Unrelenting because I used to miss 66% of my attacks.