Licensed Killer Concept: Hannibal Lecter

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Name: Hannibal Lecter

Title: The Monster ('The Cannibal' is already in use for Leatherface and Hannibal is often referred to as monster in the books)

This Killer Concept is based on my (loose) memory of the films, the TV show and books. The power is based on his superior sense of smell, which is often referred to in books and films.

Appearance: Depends on the licensing they go after.. either book, TV show or films, everything works, maybe wearing his iconic muzzle

Chase-Music: Something Classical of course

Power: Sense of smell (needs a better name.. suggestions pls)

  • Hannibal is known as a very cultured and intelligent man that has a strong sense of smell.
  • He can see traces of the scent of the survivors in form of smoke/clouds that survivors leave always (similar to blood orbs for Oni). Hannibal can use this to track survivors just as blood or scratchmarks but he can also inhale the scent (similar as well to Oni).
  • The more he inhales, the better he can see the scent of the respected survivor. Once he inhales a defined amount of scent of one survivors, that survivor gets 'marked' similarly to Ghostface. Hannibal can see the aura of the marked survivor for a defined span of time plus the auras of other things in proximity of that survivor like vaults/pallets/other survivors.
  • The mark can be extended by inhaling more scent, but inhaling also make the movement slower
  • For every marked survivor, his movement speed is increases slightly (numbers need testing obviously).
  • Survivors that repeatedly crouch and uncrouch or make gestures in the terror radius produce significantly more scent thus making it easier to mark them
  • I know this power is similar to old Freddy (without the M1 restriction), Oni and Ghostface, but guess its unique enough on its own


  • Holds the survivor, takes off his muzzle and bites the tounge out, then proceeds to butcher them
Perk 1: Memory Palace

Hannibal may feel pain just like any human being, but entering his Memory Palace he can supress this pain and no one will see or hear his suffering.

You dont make any noise or flinching while being stunned, but you are still unable to move for the normal stun duration. Has a cooldown of x/y/z seconds.

Perk 2: Surgical skills

Hannibal studied medicine and has knowledge of the human body and brings surgical skills.

Hitting a healthy survivor while they are in an animation (repairing, cleansing, vaulting, healing) inflicts the deep wounds status effect. Tiers affect the bleed-out timer.

Perk 3: Twisted Empathy

As a practiced psychiatrist you know what other people feel and you can put yourself into the shoes of them to see their point of view.

You can see the same auras as survivors in proximity of x/y/z meters when they are in healthy or injured state.

My other concepts (Feedback and suggestions always welcome):

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Survivor Items: Piece of Chalk, Pocket Knife, Walkie Talkies, Lighter, Water BottleSling ShotSpray Paint CansSalt PouchSmoke BombVoodoo Doll, Smudge Sticks

Game mechanics: Expanded survivor objectives, Exhaustion Rework, Spiderwebs

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  • SadCyclops
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    i wouldnt like to see hannibal as a sniffing character tbh as he is mostly known for his high intelligence.

    ive looked through your other killers as well and i like the darkness power and some of your perks but tbh most of the powers (as you said yourself) are just mixtures of already existing ones and we dont need a 4th mike myers (pig, ghost face ...) or a 10th sprinting/jumping killer.

    i dont know why the devs didnt see that when they created the alchemist. its just the demogorgon but applied to a human who is known for his intelligence and his power is literally running :D

  • Mooks
    Mooks Member Posts: 13,901

    thx for the feedback and I can totally see your point of view, however we are at a point with the number of killers and the base game technics where variations of the powers we got are somewhat a given for future powers, and if done well i still see it as an enrichment for the game (see Myers and GhostFace, I really like both killers and think both powers have a right to stay)

    i mainly tried to use existing powers to make my ideas more imaginable, but I still see enough differences.

    as for Hannibal, the smelling is also a very important feature of his and the aura reading is pretty much what I tried to use as projecting his ‚intelligence‘. (Yeah it’s more knowledge, but also more old Freddy which doesn’t exist in this game anymore but also not a direct copy) while I used Oni and GhostFace to explain my idea, I don’t see the playstyle as him or against him similar to the mentioned existing killers.

    for the alchemist, I totally agree with you. The power seems completely unnecessary.

  • SadCyclops
    SadCyclops Member Posts: 118

    i think there is so much more potential in this game, considering new powers and perks.

    check out my killer and chapter ideas maybe for some input.

  • DashMonsta008XV
    DashMonsta008XV Member Posts: 611

    That's a really cool idea , If you're interested I can, give you some feedback

  • Mooks
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    Sure, I would like to see more feedback to my concepts in general (though it’s been a while since I wrote these so I can’t say I would write them the exact same way nowadays)