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Survivor Item Concept: Piece of Chalk

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A survivor can use this item on specific structures to create a doorway to walk through. Structures include breakable walls, though may also include vaults (bottom parts) or other specific walls.

The item can be used which will initiate an animation like the first gif down below. The animation can be canceled which would still consume charges of the item though may not lead to a persisting progress on the structure (starting new would start the animation completely new just like Sabotage with toolboxes).

Once done, a doorway will be revealed which survivors and killers can pass through for a set amount of time - the survivor that created this doorway will have a timer to know when it will close (during this time the item cant be used to create another doorway on another structure).


Higher Rarity increases the charges slightly and or makes the animation longer as well as the duration of the doorway longer/shorter. I think its a good approach by BHVR that item rarity doesnt provide that much more of an advantage/disadvantage for existing items - those should rather come from addons and smart plays.


I am not sure what the addons might even be from a graphic point of view? Possibly some kinds of chalk holders or powder (eg fairy dust in reference to Pans Labyrinth)

While common addons could obviously affect charges, timer, etc, special addons can have vast different effects, here are just some ideas by me that came while brainstorming without any further thoughts on gameplay or balancing, though i also love it when people suggest other kind of ideas as well:

  • Addon, that once the survivor passes through the doorway, closes it immediatly
  • Addon, that once the survivor passes through, blocks the doorway for the killer but not other survivors
  • Addon, that enables the use of other structures (eg the above mentioned use on bottom part of vaults)
  • Addon that makes the doorway "invisible" for others and only the survivor that created it sees the outlines - still passable for everyone


Well I said I was done with showcasing my ideas here as BHVR made it clear they dont want to implement fan ideas like this, but had this in my mind for a while and well.. it cant hurt right?

The idea originates from Pan's Labyrinth which i think would be very fitting though obviously not on every wall:

Since I already have these done might as well drop them here

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