Killer Concept: The Pale Man (Pan's Labyrinth)

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-WIP- I will probably edit this post to adjust the power description etc later on as it is not thought out completely and definitely not supposed to be balanced at all

The Pale Man

"The Hunger"

Technically not a horror movie, but still very creepy. The Pale Man only appears in one scene, is a pale humanoid monster, whose eyeballs are detachable and sitting not on his face but his palms. He is sitting -waiting- at a full banquett, and known to eat children (who dare to eat from his table).


Passive Ability: Hunger

All survivors start with a Hunger meter, which starts slowly filling immediately. It fills significantly quicker when doing gen repairs or being nearby a food table. It fills moderatly quicker when performing quick actions (eg fast vaults) or healing.

Once full, the survivor suffers from the Incapacitated as well as Hindered status effects and can see the aura of the nearest food table. Eating something from this table will reset the Hunger meter and get rid off the status effects, though applies the Exposed status effect as well as shows you Killer instinct.

Active Ability: Agonizing Chase

When activating this ability with your power button, the Pale Man enters a sprint mode (similar to Oni, Hillbilly, but no insta down, similar to Spirit but pretty much the ‚opposite‘). While sprinting, the Pale Man gives agonizing sounds from himself and reveals his aura to nearby survivors. Maneuverability and flicking is easier than for the other mentioned killers, the downside is supposed to be not being stealthy while doing it. Also there is some cooldown similar to Spirits phasewalk and once you press M1 to hit -regardless of hitting a surv or not- the ability goes on cooldown.

Killer specific "item": Fairy

There are three fairies spawning on the map. The survivors are able to see their auras in white as long as no one is carrying them. When a survivor is carrying a fairy, their Hunger meter stops filling - though the Pale Man can see the fairies aura now.

The fairy takes a hit for the survivor and will then disappear and respawn somewhere on the map. Taking a hit though will not result in any cooldown for the killer and will completely reset the cooldown of his chase ability.

Perks: Haven’t actually thought of any, and the Pale Man does not have that much going for him in the source material. I did like many of the ideas in the comments from my other concepts so maybe y’all have ideas?


Always wanted to make a killer concept for the Pale Man even though there is not that much known about him from the movie. I also wanted to incorporate the fairy’s somehow, not feeling confident yet about what I made up though.

As to the chase ability, I guess mobility is always appreciated by the community, though I wanted to see something different.

I have created a survivor item based on Pans Labyrinth as well, so check out the Piece of Chalk down below! (As survivor I guess Mercedes would work best? I don’t think we would get the Faun as survivor which would be interesting)

My other concepts (Feedback and suggestions always welcome):

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